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The power of the mind

Ashwin explained to me that ordinary people just do not comprehend the power of the mind.

The mind, he said, is the key to everything. In Spain, a dentist operates patients without any anesthesia, and they feel no pain, simply because he conditions the minds of patients not to feel pain. In the Caribbean, women will die if they are convinced they haven't eaten fruit from a Voodoo taboo tree.

If 200 years ago, Voltaire would have been told that in the near future, men in Europe and Australia could talk to each other in realtime, he would have dismissed it as medieval black magic. But today, every child knows what a telephone is.

Mind you, all technological advances start in the mind, as imaginations.

Eternal life is real. It is really just that the machinations in every detail have not yet been "unminded".

Ashwin said that "they" (whom I call the Cult of Male) are ahead of ordinary mankind (the pack) when the issue is eternal life. Because they realize the power of the mind.

So, how, I asked, are the hidden powers of the mind freed to put to our best use.

The male mind, he says, is free by optimal sex with as many women as possible.

And the female mind? "Men and women are totally different, and we do not concern ourselves with freeing the minds of women. Only with controlling the female mind."

Well, as I felt from the onset, this Cult of Male is a totally chauvinistic greed.



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