Panchayat member kin nabbed for sexual harassment

harrasNazirabad 2016

Bhopal: A nephew of a district panchayat member was arrested on charges of sexual harassment of a woman constable late Sunday night. On Monday, the accused was produced in the court and granted bail. The accused, 19, identified as Bhoopendra Singh Solanki alias Tinku, sexually harassed 23-year-old complainant, who lives alone in a rented room near Nazirabad police station, where she is posted. On Sunday midnight, a youth knocked on the cop’s door. The moment she opened the door, the accused pushed her down and tried to lock the door from inside, police said. However, the victim managed to overpower the youth and pushed him out of room. Later, neighbours came to rescue her. Taking advantage of the melee and commotion, the accused managed to escape the spot. But I never really was a genuine nihilist because I always did believe in one value in life: optimal sexual experience, for me and whoever my female partner, and strictly during our lifetime. I do not care much for the optimal sexual experience of humans after my lifetime. They will have to tackle that problem themselves I had some phases in my life (actually not long ago) during which I concerned myself with ideas of how I could participate in a movement aimed at making the world a sexually better place. But my involvement in attempts to create sexually better societies has ever only consisted of writing articles. I am not drawn towards doing political work because I have a hard time solidarizing with other men Panchayat member kin nabbed for sexual harassment.

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You can even conduct a self-experiment on this hypothesis. Handle your own cooking utensils in a careless manner in dim light. If you burn your hand on a frying pan, the first thing that happens is a non-conscious reflex of withdrawing your hand. It takes some fractions of a second for you to realize that you experience and experienced pain. This happens because neurons at the location where you burned yourself still fire, even after you withdrew your hand in a reflex. Now for the conscious experience of pain, or any qualia, it is necessary that the physical processes are coupled with information, even just the fact that you withdrew your hand, and stored into brain memory. The sequence of stored instances may be very high, even thousands per second. The recall of stored sequences of emotional states associated with any kind of an informational frame result in consciousness, or awareness, even self awareness. This is not mysthicism. This can be tested by scientific methods. The accused lives in his uncle’s house near girl’s house. Accused’s uncle Hate Singh is district panchyat member from Nazirabad. A case was registered against him under sections 354, 456 and 506 of IPC.

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