New Natural Drug for Diabetes Reaches Second-stage Trial

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Han Wha Pharma(Kim, Kyoungrak / President) revealed on June 19 that it has won the Korea Food and Drug Administration’s approval to conduct a second-stage clinical trial for its new herbal medicinal products against diabetic endothelial dysfunction.

The drug, “YJP-14” is made from natural substances and has been proven safe for long term use based on animal tests. Its effects increase nitric oxide while removing reactive oxygen species in endothelial dysfunction, which had been previously unattainable through existing drugs. Such action enables the blood vessels to recover homeostasis, a possible fundamental solution to the dysfunction. Han Wha expects the new drug will not only help treat diabetic people but assist cardiovascular disease patients in preventing and treating similar disorders.

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The project (“Development of endothelial dysfunction treatment through increasing nitric oxide”) was selected as a promising task by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, bringing government attention to the forthcoming trials.

Dr. Kang, Moonkyu of Han Wha Pharma research institution said “We have been conducting research in standardization of the drug with Professor Valerie B. Schini-Kerth of University of Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg and we expect it would contribute to enter into European market in the future.”

Han Wha said the clinical trials for the drug will be conducted through top notch medical institutions for cardiovascular disease treatment.

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