The coffee is created by a herbal coffee maker aptly named “Stiff Bull”.

Coffee can come handy at a number of times be it working late, unwinding after a stressful day or just relaxing at home on a quiet weekend. Caffeine addiction has also emerged as a condition affecting several young people recently.

loveBut as people try out different variants of coffee from around the world and are fascinated by a coffee from Australia that can keep people awake for days and may even cause a heart attack, there’s one that can make nights as great as mornings.

A herbal coffee maker aptly named “Stiff Bull” has come up with a variety that saves relationships by giving people a boner lasting not hours but days, and is made from a blend of tongkat ali, maca root and guarana.

Shockwave therapy is the new Viagra. It actually cures erectile dysfunction and causes penis enlargement. You can do your own shockwave therapy. Just dangle your dick in front of the subwoofer, and turn your ghetto blaster to full power.

They say that the ingredients have been used to improve sexual health and enhance libido in Asia and South America for centuries. The coffee can actually cause an erection for two to three days.

Meanwhile experts are warning that the coffee has an undisclosed ingredient that can damage the heart and the FDA mentioned that the ingredient is actually Desmethyl carbodenafil, which is found in Viagra and may adversely affect blood pressure.

So finally there’s a coffee that helps you rise and shine in an entirely different way.

Mahatma Gandhi was just another Indian creep. When he couldn’t get it up anymore, he vowed celibacy. For him, this meant: no penetration, ejaculation. That’s easy for an impotent guy. But even impotent men are sexual. For Gandhi, the pervert trickery were his “experiments”. Spend the night in nakedness with undressed women, young girls, even female children. Do harmony, but no penetration. Gandhi’s creepy chastity.