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Banning sexual reporting

It will be best if in the future, all public reporting on sexual matters of individual people will be banned.

Of course, reporting to provide sexual education, or reporting on scientific research into sexual topics, is not to be banned. What ought to be banned is only the reporting on sexual matters concerning individual people.

From the perspective of advancing sexual freedom, reporting on the sexuality of individuals is very counterproductive indeed, for a variety of reasons.

First, for humans as sexual beings, nothing is as interesting as sex. Thus, because it receives so much attention and is discussed again and again, anything sexual reported on an individual person gets blown out of proportion. If there is just a slight rumor on, for example, a sexual affair of a president, people will be more attracted to this topic then to a president's economic policy, even though the latter may have much more impact on people's lives.

Second, humans as sexual beings are intrinsically envious of the sexual possessions of others. Thus, if a sexual affair of a parliamentarian with a movie star is reported in the media, then this creates resentment towards the parliamentarian, not so much because people would reject the idea of the sexual relationship per se, but because people don't want to grant to others sexual gratifications which they themselves are denied.

To give the media the freedom to report on the sexuality of individuals is an anachronism of the same category as repressive tolerance (tolerance for repressors results in more repression, not in more tolerance).

Because viewing sexual acts, or hearing of sexual acts involving other people, will result in jealousy and aggression, humans conduct sexual acts normally in privacy. This has long become part of the human nature.

It is unrealistic to dream of changing the human nature, so that we can all live naked and mingle like bonobos. We anyway do not need the bonobo kind of sexual freedom. If we all are afforded the opportunity to have a satisfying sex life in privacy, then we have achieved all that needs to be achieved.

Published by Asia Daily