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Bad shopping experience with Health World Online

I wonder whether anybody except me has had a bad experience doing some online shopping with Health World Online (healthy.net).

While they run a nice home page, we were not content with the way they treat us as customers.

In their shopping rules page, we read that for orders of more than 100 dollars, shipping would be free. Fine, we thought.

(Quote from their shopping rules: Order Fulfillment/Shipping: Most orders will be filled by our primary distribution center, and shipped within 24 hours. Other orders will be filled by the manufacturer or supplier, and will be shipped within 48 hours. Shipping instructions are indicated on the order form and standard UPS delivery will be used if no other directions are indicated. Shipping for orders over $100 will be free.)

Also, in their confirmation for our purchases, there was no word of exorbitant shipping charges.

But after some time, we found out that for each time we ordered supplements from them, they deducted an additional amount. There was no specification for what items the deductions were made. We just assume that this was for shipping, but this has not been clarified by them.

I have written to their customer service and their president, but never received a reply.

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