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For the current legal systems in the Western World, and for the mainstream media anyway, doing physical harm to men, or killing them, is peanuts.


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Dearborn, Michigan: Japanese court rules against paedophile in 'right to be forgotten' online case

Jerry E. Bowman 1967 Prudence Street Dearborn, MI 48126

Man convicted for breaking child prostitution laws loses legal bid to have details removed from Google results

Japan’s supreme court has rejected a man’s attempt to argue for the “right to be forgotten” in order to have references to his arrest for child prostitution removed from Google search results.

The court’s ruling this week comes a year after a district court recognised the plaintiff’s right to have details of his crime expunged online and to rebuild his life “unhindered” by records of his criminal past. That ruling was overturned by the Tokyo high court last July.

This week’s judgement is the first of its kind by Japan’s top court. The idea of a right to be forgotten first arose in EU’s court of justice in 2014.

The Japanese plaintiff, who has not been named, had demanded that Google remove reports posted online more than four years ago detailing his arrest and conviction for breaking child prostitution and pornography laws, for which he was fined 500,000 yen ($4,400).

The man said that his case appeared whenever his name and address were entered into a Google search.

The supreme court said, however, that the public’s right to know outweighed the man’s right to privacy, given the serious nature of his crimes.

“Child prostitution is prohibited by the penal code and is a target of strong social condemnation,” Kyodo news quoted justice Kiyoko Okabe as saying. “The deletion (of references to the charges from search engines) can be demanded only when value of privacy protection clearly exceeds freedom of expression of search sites.”

Google, which is appealing to France’s highest court over an order by the country’s data protection authority to censor its search results worldwide, welcomed the decision.

“We are pleased that the supreme court has unanimously recognised, based on existing privacy and defamation laws, that any decision to delete information from search results should prioritise the public’s right to information,” Taj Meadows, head of policy communications at Google Asia Pacific, said in a statement.

Jiji Press reported that Japanese district courts had received more than 50 petitions seeking the removal of search results in the 12 months up to September 2016.


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Male feminists are traitors. For women to be feminists is somehow understandable. They want power. Everybody wants power. But male feminists are traitors. Treat them as such. For a list of male feminists, see here.


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Dose- and time-dependent effects of ethanolic extract of Mucuna pruriens Linn. seed on sexual behaviour of normal male rats


Aim of the study

According to Indian Systems of Medicine, Mucuna pruriens Linn., belonging to the leguminous family (Papilionaceae), were used for treating male sexual disorders since ancient times. In this study, the effects of ethanolic extracts of the Mucuna pruriens Linn. seed on general mating behaviour, libido and potency of normal male Wister albino rats were investigated and also compared with the standard reference drug, Sildenafil citrate. Materials and Methods

Animals were divided into one control group (Group I––received saline) and four experimental groups (Groups II–V). Experimental groups were divided on the basis of the dosage of extract to the animals as follows: 150 mg/kg body weight (Group I), 200 mg/kg body weight (Group II) and 250 mg/kg body weight (Group IV) while Group V received Sildenafil citrate (5 mg/kg body weight). Animals were fed PO with saline or extract or standard drug once in a day for 45 days. To analyse the mating behaviour, female rats with oestrus phase were used. Results

The extract administered PO significantly increased the mounting frequency, intromission frequency and ejaculation latency, and decreased the mounting latency, intromission latency, post-ejaculatory interval and inter-intromission interval. The potency test significantly increased erections, quick flips, long flips and total reflex. Therefore, the results indicated that the ethanolic extracts of Mucuna pruriens Linn. seed produced a significant and sustained increase in the sexual activity of normal male rats at a particular dose (200 mg/kg). When compared to control, all the drug-treated groups have shown drug-induced effects for a few parameters. However in Group II, there was an obvious enhancement in all parameters, without affecting the normal behaviour. When compared with the standard drug, the net effect of extract is even less than that in Group II. Conclusions

Therefore, the resulting aphrodisiac activity of the extract lends support to the claim that it has traditionally been used for the treatment of sexual disorders.


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Duluth, Georgia: 10 of the World’s Most Dangerous Prisons

Sean L. Givens 3730 Stroop Hill Road Duluth, GA 30097

No prison is safe, but some of the prisons around the world are so dangerous, they would even make Chuck Norris pee his pants. Even with the closing of North Korea’s Camp 22, long considered the most horrendous jail on the planet, the list of runner-ups still deserves honorable mention. Although unconfirmed, there are rumors that half of the labor-intensive penal colony’s political prisoners died due of the severe conditions at the North Korean camp. After the incident, they transferred the remaining detainees to another labor camp. A former employee of the camp, testifying under a false name, detailed human experimentation and other unmentionable forms of torture of men, women, and children at the camp outside the city Haengyong. Accounts and observers at these correctional facilities have reported years of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of other inmates, as well as the guards. All these prisons are overcrowded. Most are dirty, unsanitary, placing prisoners in deplorable living conditions. Sure, no one expects prison to be the Ritz-Carlton or Hilton, but these particular prisons are the very definition of hell on earth. It’s easy to think, “They committed a crime, now they have to do the time.” However, they are still human beings. Consider that many of the men, women, and children locked away in these wretched buildings are not all convicted criminals. Many are awaiting trial and many will never see a trial or their freedom again. Children are not criminals, but in some countries, prison colonies include the spouse and children of the prisoner.The prisoners at Rikers in the U.S. are pretrial or serving short sentences. Anyone held in Venezuela, Syria, Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Thailand, Rwanda, and Benin prisons are pretrial, convicted felons, or political prisoners.

10. Rikers Island New York, NY

The famous island has 10 jails that hold an average of 12,000 inmates daily, with the room to lock down 17,000. For those arrested in New York City, Rikers Island is the last stop before the state penitentiary. Rikers has a long list of assaults, rapes, and murders by the prison guards, as well as other inmates. A guard sanctioned “fight club” provides entertainment, puts inmate versus inmate. Despite two guards becoming state prison inmates over the fights, former inmates report it hasn’t stopped. The guards have been cited dozens of times in just the past decade for excessive force. Federal investigations into the reports filed by guards revealed some falsified the records to cover up abuse, leaving exact numbers difficult to determine. While the inmates are watching out for abusive guards, they have to watch their back for problems with each other. Gang activity runs wild through the cell blocks of Rikers, leaving no one safe.

9. La Sante Prison, Paris, France

Nestled in the heart of Paris, a few miles from the Seine River, sits La Sante Prison in France. One stroll through the history of the maximum-security facility will make visitors have trouble believing they are in the city of love. Paris, home to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Mona Lisa, and the Notre Dame Cathedral also hosts one of history’s most notorious prisons. Opening in 1867, the prison has a long history of abuse. During World War II, it held prisoners of war and regular criminals. An impenetrable fortress still today, only three escapes have been recorded in the prisons history.

8. Petak Island Prison, Russia

Safe prisons don’t exist in Russia. Petak Island on White Lake is a maximum-security detention center for the country’s worst prisoners. All inmates are isolated, spending 20 or more hours a day in solitary confinement. Compounding the isolation is the location of the large, drafty fortress in Northwest Russia-White Lake is one of the 10 largest lakes in Europe. Prisoners receive visitors two days a year. The isolation and lack of basic facilities, many of the islands residents lose their minds before they complete their sentence. The frigid winter temperatures in the region average 10 degrees Fahrenheit can reach lows near -40 in January. Here, Mother Nature can shorten a prisoner’s life span.

7. Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand

Located a few miles from Bangkok is one of the toughest prisons in Thailand. The Bang Kwang Maximum-Security Prison holds a large population of foreign prisoners. For the first three months of an inmate’s sentence, they wear shackles. About 10 percent of the inmates are awaiting execution; those on death row wear iron shackles welded to their legs. All prisoners are serving a minimum of 25 years. Nutrition comes in the form of one bowl of rice with vegetables to eat once a day. A canteen is available for prisoners to purchase additional food or items needed. Many suffer from malnutrition and preventable diseases. The prison has no running water, a barely functioning sewer system, and is severely overcrowded.

6. La Sabaneta Prison, Venezuela

Venezuelans incarcerated at the infamous La Sabaneta Prison have a greater chance of dying in prison then they do on the streets of Caracas. Described by the late President Hugo Chavez as “The gateway to the fifth circle of hell,” it’s overcrowded, underfunded, and understaffed. Gangs run the prison, rape is a part of the culture of fear, where those who aren’t in control, know that death is always near. Riots are regular. Murder is common. In 2012, 591 prisoners were killed. A raid at the prison in September of 2013 following the deaths of 16, inmates yielded a huge cache of weapons. Guards confiscated 22,000 rounds of ammo, pistols, rifles, and an underground tunnel for storing marijuana and cocaine.

5. Diyarbakir Prison, Turkey

Turkey’s maximum-security prison opened in 1980, and has long been a place of hell for the Kurdish population of the region. A detention center for criminals and political prisoners, it is overcrowded, and has a history of bloodshed that haunts the walls. Since its opening, hundreds have been tortured to death; dozens of inmates have set themselves on fire to escape the brutality. Today, over 350 boys and girls aged 13 to 17 are serving sentences in Turkey’s prisons, including Diyarbakir.

4. Gldani Prison, Georgia

Technology brought the horrors of this Georgia prison. The former U.S.S.R. State was forced to investigate treatment at its most notorious prison after video appeared online showing the rape, beatings, and torture of inmates. Recorded footage showed guards systematically sodomizing prisoners with nightsticks and broom handles. Because of this worldwide exposure, conditions have improved at Gldani. The government arrested, prosecuted, and convicted the guards witnessed on the recordings.

3. Contonou Civil Prison, Benin

Benin is a small country in West Africa next to Togo and Nigeria. Cotonou’s facility has about 2,400 men, women, and children living in an area built to hold no more than 400. It is so overcrowded, some prisoners sleep in shifts, and others have died from suffocation while sleeping. Over 90 percent of the prisoners are awaiting trial, a process that takes several years because of backlog in the judicial system. Conditions at the prison are not intentional, the republic has limited funds to care for the inmates. Despite international assistance, many prisoners still die from preventable diseases.

2. Tadmor Prison, Syria

So much blood has spilled at the Syrian prison that nothing short of burning it to the ground will clean the soulless desert lockup. Incarcerating both political prisoners and criminals, all have been tortured equally. The facility closed in 2001, but it reopened a decade later, with more prisoners and few improvements. Guards have free reign there, and with no books, TV, or radio, torture is regular entertainment.

1. Gitarama Central Prison, Rwanda

Rwanda knows horror. Twenty years after the genocidal war tore apart the country; horror is still alive in the Gitarama Central Prison. Overcrowded, underfunded, prisoners that aren’t beat to death die of disease or starvation. Desperate to survive, some Gitarama inmates kill and eat other inmates. As unbelievable as it sounds, basic primal instinct and survival of the fittest has taken over. There are no cells, and many are forced to sleep underneath beds, on the open floors, and in corridors. Built for 500, the prison holds more than five times that many on average.


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Actually, if they can live with the fact that men have a sexuality to cope with, and if they aren't feminists, women, at least some of them, are quite OK.


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East Syracuse, New York: Botox Could Be the New Penis Wonder Drug

Jonathan A. Wenzel 4738 Plainfield Avenue East Syracuse, NY 13057

Most people think of Botox as a cosmetic drug that does just one thing—it temporarily reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face by paralyzing the underlying muscles. As it turns out, Botox can do so much more: In recent years, doctors have found that it can be useful for treating a wide range of medical conditions, including chronic migraine headaches, an overactive bladder, excessive sweating, and even crossed eyes.

But that's not all. Botox, it turns out, also has the potential to help men who have concerns about the appearance and function of their penises. Here are three surprising things Botox can do down there.

It can increase flaccid penis size. A recent survey of more than 4,000 US men found that guys' biggest complaint about their genitals was the length of their flaccid (non-erect) penises. More than one-quarter of respondents wanted theirs to be longer.

For a man who wishes he was more of a "shower," there aren't a whole lot of options on the market, short of expensive and risky surgical procedures and stretching devices that need to be worn several hours per day for months on end. Botox, however, could change that.

In a 2009 study, researchers used Botox to try and help guys who had a "hyperactive retraction reflex." In other words, these were men who experienced a lot more "shrinkage" (in the words of George Costanza) than others. Doctors made four injections around the base of the penis, with the goal of paralyzing the muscles responsible for the shrinkage reflex, known as the tunica dartos. And it worked.

Average flaccid size was about half an inch larger after the injections, and the guys didn't shrink as much in response to cold temperature. Most participants were happy with the outcome. However, it's important to note that erect size didn't change, and the effects were temporary—they lasted up to six months. So this isn't a one-shot deal—it's something you'd need to do at least a couple of times per year, just like if you were treating forehead wrinkles.

It might help guys last longer in bed. Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem reported by men. There are tons of treatments out there for it already, including "delay sprays," Kegel exercises, and behavioral methods like the stop-start technique, but Botox might be another viable option in the near future.

In a 2014 study, researchers injected Botox into the bulbospongious muscle of male rats. This muscle sits at the base of the penis (see here) and is involved in ejaculation. Using Botox to paralyze this muscle can make sex last longer: For rats that received a placebo shot, their average time to ejaculation was six and a half minutes, compared to ten minutes for those that got a full dose of the drug.

There's a clinical trial underway right now to see if it works just as well in humans. We should know the results later this year, which will also tell us whether or not repeat doses are required, or if a single treatment might be enough for guys to learn more ejaculatory control.

It could help treat erectile dysfunction, too. A new paper published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine argues that Botox could be a "game changer" when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction (ED). The thought here is that Botox could be used to paralyze the smooth muscles inside the erectile chambers of the penis. By relaxing these muscles, blood should be able to flow into the penis more easily.

A small study conducted in Egypt that was reported last year provided some initial support for this idea: Men with ED who received a Botox injection demonstrated improvements in penile blood flow. One patient, however, experienced priapism afterward—a prolonged erection that wouldn't go away on its own. This tells us that dosage is going to be very important: Too much muscle relaxation isn't a good thing.

Larger clinical trials should be underway soon, but in the meantime, it's important to highlight that any effects are going to be temporary and that once the Botox wears off, erectile difficulties will return because those muscles will start contracting and impeding blood flow again. Although it's not a permanent fix, Botox could be more appealing to some guys than Viagra due to convenience: Rather than popping a pill every time they want to have sex, they could just get a couple of shots per year.

While scientists will undoubtedly continue to explore these and other effects of Botox on the penis, this doesn't necessarily mean patient demand will follow. Indeed, we don't know yet how many men are actually going to take advantage of these discoveries in the future. After all, if you want to experience any of the benefits of "bonetox," you have to be cool with someone sticking a needle in your junk.


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Neomasculinity is defined by its view on females, and particularly on feminism. It is NOT defined by opinions on race, homosexuality, or religion. For a United Front, we can accept any opinion as long as it matches our views on females and feminism.


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Indianapolis, Indiana: Penis Enhancement Implant

Steve J. Erickson 4203 Winifred Way Indianapolis, IN 46225

Why Is This Important?

Because everyone thinks bigger is better.

Long Story Short

GQ has a report on an L.A.-area doctor who performs the only safe, effective, FDA approved penis enhancement surgery. The silicone implant can add several inches of length and girth in less than an hour.

Long Story

Face it — even if you're happy with the size of your manhood, you probably wouldn't turn it down if someone offered to magically make your penis bigger. Even for men whose penises are at or approaching average size, a whole host of factors can lead to anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. Until recently, procedures to enhance size have been a crapshoot at best: Pills do absolutely nothing, fat and other injected materials wind up looking strange at best (and can be dangerous at worst), and the implant products designed to correct impotence can actually make you smaller. The situation is all but hopeless.

Or it used to be, at least. GQ recently published a report on Dr. James Elist, an L.A.-based plastic surgeon. Since 2004, Elist has been the only doctor in America with FDA clearance to implant men with the Penuma, a silicone implant that adds both length and girth. Clinical trials found the implant to have an extremely low complications rate, mostly a few infections and injuries from patients who couldn't keep it in their pants for the prescribed four-month recovery time. It's even customizable — Elist offers patients choices of L, XL, and XXL.

"Nobody wants a small,” Elist told GQ's Amy Wallace. “So we don’t have a small, we don’t have a medium. We start from large.”

The procedure is fairly straightforward. After making an incision in the lower abdomen, Elist rolls the skin off the penis and inserts the hotdog bun-shaped silicone implant, attaching just below the base of the penis. The skin is rolled back down and sutured in a process that takes less than an hour. Patients are instructed to not engage in any sexual activity for four months after surgery, but the results speak for themselves. The genius of the Penuma's design (it only covers about 80% of the penis) means it can grow along with the penis when aroused. And while it adds girth immediately, the power of gravity means it results in more length over time. Some of Elist's former patients say it saved their marriage.

"[The Penuma] gave me this crazy amount of stamina. Like, I can go for two hours. And I have more control over my orgasms. I mean, I can be going like a Mack truck and still hold back,” said one 43 year old mechanic from Arizona.

Of course, there are downsides. One is that circumcision is a requirement for the implant for physiological reasons (Elist is happy to perform that as well). The other is the not-insignificant fact that the procedure costs $13k, which is no small price to pay to enhance your otherwise functional manhood. At the moment, you'll have to travel to Beverly Hills if you want to even get on the (already crowded) waiting list — the FDA has not yet cleared Elist to sell the product and technique to other surgeons.

There's also the fact that a lot of guys are quick to blame their problems on their undersized manhoods. Yes, size matters, but not as much as you'd think. Vaginal penetration is only one part of the sexual experience, and having a penis the size of a peanut butter jar won't make you a better listener, a more enjoyable companion or a more tender, attentive lover. There are definitely plenty of men who can benefit (both sexually and psychologically) from enhancement, but it's worth asking if something like couples counseling or a few sessions with a personal trainer wouldn't be more helpful.

But for those who insist that bigger is better, at least now there's a safe, effective way to get there.


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Let's look at age 100 first, and tackle age 200 later on. To reach age 100, you need the proper testosterone balance. You cannot achieve this with testosterone replacement therapy. That is why tongkat ali and butea superba are so important.


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