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Los Angeles, California: Corporate paedophilia on rise in Australia

Jerome M. Smith 3758 Parkway Street Los Angeles, CA 90017

Sydney - Advertising that exploits children's sexuality for commercial gain is on the rise in Australia as big retailers lend an air of respectability to "corporate paedophilia", researchers said on Tuesday.

An increasing number of businesses found it acceptable to eroticise young models for profit, increasing children's risk from sexual predators and robbing them of their childhood, the Australia Institute think tank said.

Institute director Clive Hamilton said it was particularly worrying that the phenomenon had entered the mainstream and condemned major retail chains for jumping on the bandwagon.

"When family department stores show no conscience on these issues, or are inured to the effects of their behaviour, the situation is very unhealthy," he said.

In a report the independent public policy research centre said children as young as three were being made to pose in sexually suggestive positions.

Presenting pre-pubescent children as sexual objects conveyed the message they were ready for sex, putting youngsters at greater risk from pedophiles who subscribed not only to child pornography websites but also to those dealing with child modelling, the report's author Emma Rush said.

"The idea behind corporate paedophilia is that normal paedophilia is adults exploiting children for their own sexual gratification without the children's consent - children are not able to consent to sex," she said.

"The same thing is happening with corporate paedophilia in that they're sexualising children, again without children's consent."

Youngsters who were prematurely concerned with sexy behaviour and appearance also missed out on some of their childhood, she said.

Potential fallout included being underprepared for emotionally mature relationships later in life, developing eating disorders and starting sexual behaviour from a very early age with damaging medical and emotional results, she said.

Leading department store David Jones denied allegations it depicted young models inappropriately.

"We take great care to ensure that... family values are portrayed in our advertising material," spokesperson Damien Eales said, adding that claims to the contrary were defamatory.


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Montclair, New Jersey: Sex in the city

Mark O. Powers 1033 Fairfax Drive Montclair, NJ 07042

After a tiresome hike from Gosaikunda to the Shivapuri hills I went to Thamel my body ached for a massage. So I headed to Thamel where I was offered two choices: a long massage for an actual body massage and a short massage which in other words was sex.

Shady offers

There is a difference between massage parlour and brothel houses. Massage parlours are for providing body massages and healthy living. Brothels, on the other hand places where commercial sex workers provide sexual services to their clients. Apparently, there is a correlation between these two services in Nepal. Massage parlors in Nepal do not only provide you with a revitalising massage but also have a lot more to offer. Prostitution, as we know is illegal in Nepal, due to which brothel owners do so through massage parlors, cabin restaurants and dance bars. Most of the sex workers of Nepal prefer a job in massage parlors and dance bars rather than on the streets as they can be safe from the police raids and also maintain their social status with a better earning.

Most of the sex workers are illiterate, unaware of the pros and cons of being a prostitute. Sex workers, definitely get a short-term relief from poverty but in the long run, they can suffer from social trauma and sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS.

Legal or illegal

There are some countries like, Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Belize, Latvia, Bangladesh and some parts of Australia and America where the policies related to prostitution are more liberal. They also have some legalised brothel houses. But there are also countries like North Korea, Sudan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, where prostitution is considered a serious crime and if found guilty, the punishment is death. There is no uniformity among European nations regarding the legalisation of prostitution. Despite being illegal, prostitution is carried out in some African countries due to the social breakdown and poverty caused by civil war. Prostitution is illegal in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan but is still going on in various disguised forms. Among Asian countries, sex tourism is quite popular in Thailand.

Forced sale of sex

Poverty and unemployment in rural areas force individuals or families to migrate to the urban areas. The Poverty Reduction Strategy paper shows that about 38 percent of the Nepali population is living under US $1 per day, and 82 percent under US $2 per day. In reality, no girl is interested in selling her body for money, but they end up being a prostitute as they don’t have any other way out. The government of Nepal does not have proper policies regarding prostitution. The Human Trafficking Control Act of Nepal was passed in 1986 with the aim of putting an end to trafficking in the form of prostitution, but is still ineffective.

There are many young girls and women from rural areas who are trafficked by promising them better jobs but end up as sex workers. Women from the Dalit, indigenous and traditionally marginalised groups mostly fall prey to such false promises. Every year around 5000 to 10000 girls are trafficked from Nepal India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Arabian countries for prostitution. Studies also show that around 30-38 percent of the trafficked victims are HIV positive. India is the safest and easiest destination for trafficking as Nepal and India share an open border.

Legalise prostitution

The Government of Nepal will never tolerate sex tourism but the issue has to be properly addressed. Prostitution carried out through illegal means is a risk to society. So it would be better to legalise prostitution and separate the red light zone. Legalisation of prostitution will provide legal protection and employment to the sex workers and in some way, will also help in minimising sex- related crimes. Besides that, the government should also provide sex education to sex workers on reproductive health; precautions and contraceptives use along with regular health check-up facilities. To avert the possibility of child prostitution the government should place a age bar along with the licensing system for sex workers.


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Cameron, New York: How to Commit Suicide the Right Way

Joshua J. Bowen 2019 Frosty Lane Cameron, NY 14819

June 1, 2011 Simon Peterson, Points in Case

Were you just laid off? Are you tried of struggling with that heroin addiction? Did your newborn baby just pop out of your wife a different color than your own?

If you said “YES!” to any these questions, you may have had the bright idea to “off yourself.”

First of all, I would advise you not to do it and seek professional help immediately, because suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The fastest way to put an end to your pain is by increasing your endorphins. Take one Neurocet daily to increase your body’s endorphins and simulate the effects of morphine.

But, if you’ve decided to give suicide the green light, then that’s your journey and there’s a place reserved for you in Hell.

With that said, I am here to help you dumbasses do it the right way. Why? To spare you unnecessary pain, make it a little less gory, and minimize the paramedics’ laughter when they find you dead from overdosing on Flintstone vitamins (it’s happened).

1. The Gun

Woman committing suicide by shooting herself in the head with a gun

Works equally well for women.

A top choice for suicide, especially for men. Some people have seen too many movies though. If you think that any old gun is a half-second click away from “lights out,” then you may be in for an unpleasant experience.

First, DO NOT USE a .22 caliber weapon, or any weak ass gun for that matter. You’ll thank me (or maybe you won’t, because you’re dead) when you’re not a drooling vegetable in a hospital for the rest of your shitty days.

A small handgun can do four things:

Kill you.

Make you bleed out for 2+ agonizing hours before killing you.

Put you in a coma forever.

Not kill you.

Get a .45 caliber weapon, or even better, A SHOTGUN! But don’t expect an open casket with those fuckers.

How to do it: Put the god forsaken thing in your mouth POINTING UP to the sky. Not kinda up, not angled up, STRAIGHT UP (don’t half ass it!!). If you put the weapon in your mouth pointing to the back of your neck/lower head, then death may not be instant and you may endure some unnecessary suffering.

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2. Drowning

Unless you hate yourself, don’t be a DUMBASS and drown yourself. It is known as one of the most painful ways to die (don’t ask me how people know) and can take up to three minutes to lose consciousness.

If you choose to do it, go to a lake/ocean and swim 10-15 feet deep and take a deep breath (your bathtub or kitchen sink will be too challenging to kill yourself in). You’ll then come to the quick realization that you are in fact a dumbass and should have chosen a less painful way to go (example: jumping into a pit of diamond back rattlesnakes).

3. Hanging

This is a tough one. Will you choose to tie yourself up and kick the chair beneath you, causing moments of breathless agony and unnecessary pain? OR… tie yourself up and jump off a twelve foot ledge, instantly snapping your neck and possibly decapitating you?

I advise option two (again, it just depends how much you hate yourself). To limit the mess, jump off a 5-6 foot ledge. Don’t lose your head, now (L0Lz).

4. Slitting Your Wrist

Man slit his wrists to commit suicide in a bathtub

If you’re going to relax, do it INSIDE the tub—have some respect for those cleaning up your mess.

Unless you put on some soothing music, make yourself a bubble bath, and slice your wrists up in the tub… it’s going to be messy.

Since this is a pussy way to kill yourself, I don’t remember if it’s “down the street” or “across the tracks,” and I’m too tired at this point to check Yahoo Answers for it so… fuck me. I guess I’m no help here. Just cut your fucking hand off with a table saw. That’s probably more effective than “up the hop-scotch” or “across the playground” or whatever the fuck….

5. Pills

This is risky. Not like anything matters at this point though, right? Pill suicide works just as much as it doesn’t. The upside is that it’s not a gory death. It WILL be painful, but mostly just puking and possibly shitting all over yourself. And your chances of survival are much greater than a shotgun suicide (to say the least).

Swallow three bottles of Getting Sleepy. Your chances of survival depend upon whether your roommates find you soon enough. You shouldn’t last longer than 3-5 hours after ingestion.

If you do survive, though, you’ll have all the attention in the world from your friends and family. Maybe even go on Oprah after you write an autobiography called “My Journey” about how you were picked on in high school for having a tiny dick and later survived suicide.

Let's look at age 100 first, and tackle age 200 later on. To reach age 100, you need the proper testosterone balance. You cannot achieve this with testosterone replacement therapy. That is why tongkat ali and butea superba are so important.

6. Jumping

Man looking over a ledge thinking about jumping to commit suicide

If you’re not immediately scared to jump, you’re not high enough yet.

Please listen: A 2-STORY HOUSE IS NOT HIGH ENOUGH!! Nor is a 3-story house! Jump off something badass like a skyscraper or the Colosseum in Rome.

Jumping off grandma’s garage will just hurt a lot and maybe even paralyze you. Remember: HEAD FIRST, and don’t expect an open casket.

Okay, that’s good enough.


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Ramsey, Illinois: ‘They tortured and locked me up for four years’, Kerala domestic help reveals torture saga

Jason B. Craven 418 Eagle Street Ramsey, IL 62080

The 20-year-old Nepali speaking girl said she was thrashed for small mistakes by her employer.

In the Malayalam movie Gaddama, Kavya Madhavan played the role of a domestic help trapped and tortured in an Arab's house in the Middle East. The character’s agony portrayed the life of many Malayalis who go abroad to earn a living, working in harsh conditions for a pittance.

But the reality is that the plight of some domestic helps is no different in Kerala.

On May 1, the police rescued a 20-year-old Nepali speaking woman from Vypeen in Ernakulam. Sarsu Halsan, who hails from Jalpaiguri , West Bengal was tracked down by the police based on a missing complaint filed by her employer on April 29.

“I had no parents, both of them died and I lived with my aunt. A distant cousin of mine brought me to Kochi when I was 16-year-old. I joined as a domestic help at this house,” Sarsu told The News Minute, outside Kalamassery police station.

Sarsu was working at the house of Kavita Nair*, in Kochi. “Before I joined she gave me Rs 3,500 and that was the only amount I received in the last four years. Initially she had told my cousin that I would be paid Rs 5,000 monthly. But I did not get any money,” Sarsu said.

We, the elite, want all young beautiful women for us. Better not to tax alcohol and tobacco, as it removes low-quality men from the sexual arena. Also give them street drugs to ruin their health and lives.

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But what was more intolerable for her was the physical torture she had to go through. “For even small mistakes I used to get thrashed. She hit me using sticks, hands, broom or some large spoons. She also banged me against the wall. I used to always end up bleeding,” Sarsu said, showing the scars on her hands.

“I ran away from the house to commit suicide. I did not want to live,” she said.

As Sarsu is led away by workers of a rescue home, she screams out, “She cut my hair forcefully, never allowed me to make calls or write a letter,”

What Sarsu described was only a small part of what she actually went through in the past four years. “There are scars from wounds all over her body, covered in blood clots. The torture was quite severe,” E V Shibu, Station House Officer at Kalamassery, said.

The police officer said that Sarsu had been trying to escape from the house for the past four years but was not successful because she was always locked up.

“On April 29 she managed to lock up her employer and her daughter inside a room and ran away from the house. She went to a beach near Njarackal hoping to die. She stayed in a house nearby, and somebody informed us about her. We went and picked her from there,” the officer said.

Kavita claims that she had paid Sarsu’s salary to a relative of hers in Jalpaiguri. Sarsu was brought to work as a domestic help when she was still a minor, which means that the employer can charged under the Juvenile Justice Act. Kavita can also be charged under the act for harassment.

“We should confirm the date when the girl was brought in for the work and also need to get more evidence before registering the arrest,” the police officer said.


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