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Fresno, Californai: Sex with a stranger! People reveal their personal stories

John B. Geoghegan 902 Heritage Road Fresno, CA 93721

A lot can happen over a cup of tea, in this case, over a drink. There are all kinds of drinkers in this world; the sloppy crier, the game changer, the dance floor Queen/King and the list goes on.

With few drinks on a fun night comes great stories. While talking about great nights, there are always some unplanned events that never cease to surprise you.

We spoke to our readers who have shared some of their best sex stories with us. Apparently they believe that sex with a complete stranger can be incredibly hot. At times it’s risky, odd, but it’s also exciting and crazy.

Virgins until marriage, people share their wedding night sex experience

•It began in bar ended in motel!

“Met a girl in a bar…we talked and I was way too drunk and left. Reached my motel was just about to crash when there was a knock on the door and when I opened it, the girl from the bar was there. And then she f**ked me to death,” says Kenith.
•Sex in Goa:

“Drunk sex can be…you don’t have to commit to anyone. I was at my friend’s party in Goa when a group of foreigner asked if they could join us, we were more than happy to get company. It’s then I met Carol, we started kissing, soon she pulled me and I was in her room. Dude we had sex whole night and it was fun. The whole thing continued for next four days before she went back to states,” shares Jay Mehta.
•Really good with his tongue:

“Sex with a stranger can be the bestest sex experience of your life. I was in Boston to meet my sister, when I met her colleague, we just hit, his name was Raul. He had a thing for Indian girls. He invited me over couple of times, I denied. Someday later we ended up together drunk at his place. That experience was epic, tried things that I had never done before. Let me tell you he is REALLY good with his tongue,” reminisces Paridhi.

People confess their WTF moments during sex
•Tipsy on lust:

“What started out as a normal conversation in a bar turned out to be one helluva of an experience. Though we only had few drinks, we were already tipsy on something else. I could never fathom how I ended up at my place few hours later, making out with a stranger. While many have termed the act of ‘making out with a stranger’ as awkward, I must say that it was one of the best session I have ever had which led to a mind-blowing sex,” recalls Natasha.
•A different kind of ride:

“I was in Delhi to attend a conference. I met a guy there who asked me out for a drink. After the ceremony, we went to a pub nearby. Had few many shots and the next thing I know, we are in his car's backseat. Making out like wild animals. Even though we were in a car and despite the edgy seat, things progressed quite excitingly. Even though he was a stranger, he knew my body well. Pleased me in many ways,” smiles Rishika.
•It happened in Vegas:

“Vegas and sex goes hand in hand. I went there for my friend’s splinters and I picked a guy in the disc who was continuously staring at me. Went up to him, kissed him, we danced high on alcohol making out publicly. It was so good, one can’t even imagine. I left early with him to my friend’s apartment and next day my friend told me she could hear me screaming and moaning whole night. It was obvious, he just knew the right places to touch,” sighs Avantika Kapoor (name changed).

People reveal how porn affects their sex lives
•Sex on floor:

“It was the last year of my masters in London when I met this girl on a dating website. We went for a Classical music night. Later as soon as we reached my place, we were all over each other. Some moments are special, when I met her, I knew I was attracted towards her, she was attractive and breathtaking hot. We didn’t even go to the bedroom, we had sex on the floor and it was hot,” remembers Nikhil Arora.
•This always happens in house parties:

“Met her at a house party. We were high and just staring at each other. Soon we disappeared and what started with chatting turned into a hot passionate making out session. When our friends found us, we were sleeping in the loft wrapped around eachother. She left next day, never met her again,” says Apoorv.
•A German twist:

"I was in Goa with few friends including the girl I was seeing at that time. The girls in the group decided to head out for 'Girls night' so we guys went for our own time out. I was chilling with my friends at a shack near Anjuna when I noticed a German girl checking me out. Soon she approached me and dropped few signals. I flirted back. Soon, me were making out and touching each other. Things got heated and before I know it, we were on her bed with our clothes off. The girl I came to Goa with still doesn't know about my little but hot detour," grins Aarush
•In love with stranger!

“I believe in love at first sight, because it happened with me. First it was purely about lust, we met at a library in Toronto. I asked her out for a date and dropped a clearly hint that I wanted to have sex with her. She said yes a month later and when we went there and started talking sex was the last thing that came into my mind. Later we went back to my place and had a passionate sex session, we explored each other. When she was in deep slumber, I took her in my arms, I have never done such a thing before. By the just to let you know, she is my girlfriend now and we have been in relationship for two years now,” winks Pratik.

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Soldotna, Alaska: Japan 'executes two death row inmates'

William A. Ledford 95 Veltri Drive Soldotna, AK 99669

Japan executed two death row prisoners on Friday, a justice ministry official said, as the government -- backed by public opinion -- continued to ignore calls by international rights groups to end capital punishment.

"Today two inmates were executed... Yasutoshi Kamata and Junko Yoshida," an official told AFP, adding both had been convicted of murder.

Japan and the United States are the only major advanced industrial nations with capital punishment.

Executions in Japan are carried out by hanging.

Yoshida is a woman who killed two men in the late 1990s to obtain insurance money, and Kamata is a man who killed five people -- including a nine-year-old girl -- between 1985 and 1994, private broadcaster Nippon Television and others reported.

Campaign group Amnesty International criticised the executions.

"The execution of two death-row inmates is extremely deplorable, and goes against the global trend for abolishing capital punishment," said Hideki Wakabayashi, secretary general of Amnesty International Japan.

"Despite the fact that about 140 countries in the world have already abandoned or have stopped executions for more than a decade, the Japanese government is turning its back on the trend," he told AFP.

Surveys have shown that the death penalty has overwhelming public support in Japan, despite repeated protests from European governments and human rights groups.

International advocacy groups say Japan's system is cruel because inmates can wait for their executions for many years in solitary confinement and are only told of their impending death a few hours ahead of time.

In December, Japan executed two death row prisoners, including for the first time someone sentenced to death after a trial involving a jury.

Those sparked criticism by the European Union, which called the death penalty "cruel and inhuman" and demanded Japan impose a moratorium on executions.

Amnesty's Wakabayashi also said Tokyo should be "severely criticised" for the timing of Friday's executions ahead of Japan's hosting of the Group of Seven summit of wealthy democracies in late May.

Japan in 2009 launched a jury system in which citizens deliberate with professional judges in a bid to boost the role of the citizenry in the judicial process.Under the system, more than a score of people have been sentenced to death, according to public broadcaster NHK.

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Seattle, Washington: Are herbs a better birth control option?

Benjamin V. Holmes 3378 University Street Seattle, WA 98101

Until a few weeks ago, when we received government alerts on harmful herbal contraceptives, many of us were not even aware that herbal contraceptives existed.

Stories abound of women who used herbal contraceptives unsuccessfully. Despite the many questions, there are no straightforward answers.

A lot of people wonder if they are genuine products; whether anti-fertility plants really exist; where they can be found; their dangers and why women seek these alternative methods despite the risks involved.

Chemical (hormonal) contraceptives work by preventing ovulation and/ or implantation. If the body does not ovulate no egg is released for fertilisation, thus pregnancy does not take place. A lot of research has been conducted on these methods, since the 1950s when the first birth-control pill was invented. However, many women still complain of serious side effects, including loss of libido, excessive bleeding, weight gain, headaches, varicose veins, delayed fertility upon cessation of the drugs and mood disorders including PMS and depression.

Gertrude Mwazighe,* 34, says: "If you mess around with the body’s chemistry for long, you end up with regrets. When I tried pills and injections I lost a lot of blood to the point I became anaemic, and ballooned terribly. I had to try something different."

But elderly ‘wise women’ in each community will attest to the age-old use of herbs for contraception. Dr Didi Ananda, Chairperson of the Kenyan Society of Homeopaths, says: "In North America, several herbs have been in use, including Black Cohosh. The ancient herb contraceptive, Sylphium, was also used widely in Greece, Persia and Egypt.

Used across the globe

Researcher David Hoffman has tabulated well-known herbs in Mexico, India and China, that contain anti-fertility, spermicidal and anti-implantation properties." In India, more than 250 plants have been found to contain anti-fertility or contraceptive effects. Many of them are listed in ancient Ayurvedic literature. One species of the Hibiscus flower works by preventing implantation. Others delay menstruation and in South America, indigenous women chewed wild carrot seeds daily to prevent conception.

Dr George Karago, a local veterinarian and researcher states: "The herbs used in China, India, Europe and in the Americas are the same as those used in Africa. Because each community refers to them using their unique name, it exposes users to dangers because of the likelihood of misusing the herbs through mixing. Karago says any reputable herbalist will warn against any side effects.

But why aren’t these herbs readily available and why have they not been widely synthesized into preparations such as pills or injections?

Dr Jeniffer Hurwa, acting Director, Department of Traditional Medicine, Kemri, explained: "We are not a government regulatory agency, nor has the government empowered us to do quality control.

We can simply advise. The lack of regulation results in loopholes which are subsequently abused by quacks, such as the recent widely publicised Chinese Doctor who has been dispensing harmful chemical drugs, touting them as herbal contraceptives."

Secrecy and suspicion

So the lack of regulation, fear of intellectual property theft, and the individual apprehension of the herbalists themselves result in an aura of secrecy and suspicion. That legal hurdles stand in the way of registration and regulation does not help matters either. For starters, herbal contraceptives fall under the Ministry of Culture and not the Ministry of Health. A local herbalist complained that, "For a herbal remedy to be registered, it must be tested and each chemical ingredient isolated and catalogued. We have to take them to the Poisons Board for evaluation in a process that costs $1000 (Sh76,000) for each remedy".

Another herbalist cited the age-old tussle between the established pharmaceutical industry and the naturopathic community. He explained: "Some of the pharmaceutical companies fear that once the public become aware of common, cheap, readily available medicinal plants that can be used for various conditions, they will lose revenue."

Herbs that work

In spite of all these challenges, the good news is that there are a few commercially available local herbal anti-fertility products. One is the Eevs herbal contraceptive pill. A monthly dose consists of two pills. One is taken on the eighth day of the cycle and the other, on the 15th day. Paul Habby, the creator of this pill, explained: "It contains a blend of five herbs with different active ingredients, sourced from different African communities, including Cameroon, DRC, Uganda around the Ruwenzori area and the Kikuyu and Kisii communities. It does not prevent ovulation the way chemical contraceptives do, hence it has no side effects. Its works by increasing the elasticity of the membrane that covers the ovum, so the sperm is unable to penetrate and fertilise the egg. The second pill prevents implantation by hardening the uterine lining." Women with religious conviction against abortion opt for herbal alternatives that work .

Clinical studies have placed Eevs’ failure rate at two per cent making it an apparently highly effective product.

Shirley Wangui,* 28, used Eevs and said: "I did not experience any side effects in the first few months of usage. But I stopped because I could not remember the days of my cycle and feared conceiving".

Male contraceptive

The Woman’s Instinct team spoke to several herbalists but majority were reluctant to comment on the topic. One herbalist based in the city centre said, "It is too controversial right now, so until further notice, we are not dispensing herbal contraceptives." Another mentioned that he knows of some herbs used by local traditional communities.

These work by stopping menstruation completely until the woman decides she wants to resume, at which point she simply takes a different herbal combination to bring on the menses.

Neem (Mwarubaini), for example, has been the subject of widespread research in Africa and India. When used correctly, it is nearly 100 per cent effective. It is cheap, readily available and easily reversible with absolutely no side effects. Indeed, several well-documented studies have demonstrated that the Neem plant is a powerful anti-fertility agent for both men and women. For women, it works as a potent spermicide. When inserted prior to intercourse, studies showed that Neem oil killed sperm in the vagina within 30 seconds and was effective for up to five hours.

However, Dr Didi Ananda cautions that Neem oil is best used together with a barrier such as a condom, so that in the event of improper application, pregnancy is still prevented. Research in India has also proven Neem to be a powerful and effective male contraceptive. Neem leaf tablets ingested for one month produced reversible male anti-fertility without affecting sperm production or libido, and when a minute amount was injected into the vas deferens it provided up to eight months of birth control. For some, the drawback with Neem is its pungent odour. Rebeccah Ngugi,* 24, said, "I tried it but it stinks for a week after that. I cannot bring myself to use it again."

The law in waiting

Wendy Akinyi, * 27, said she does not mind the smell because she has no choice. She explained: "I am chronically hypertensive, and using hormonal contraceptives was out of the question as they would have exacerbated the high blood pressure. Also, every time I tried them, I got a thrush, and the doctor warned that I risked getting systemic Candidiasis (thrush), which meant I would have it in my system for life. So the smell was the least of my worries. Now I always keep a bottle of Neem handy."

Meanwhile, a draft Traditional Herbal Medicine and Medicinal Plants Bill (2008) has been prepared by the Attorney General and is awaiting Cabinet approval. In the event that it becomes law, Kenyans will have access to more knowledge on herbal products, which would be regulated to sieve out quacks.

*Names changed to protect identity.

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