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Sardar denies sexual harrasment charge

NEW DELHI: Under-fire India hockey captain Sardar Singh rubbished alleged sexual harrasment charges leveled against him by a British hockey player of Indian origin on Wednesday, saying even though he knew her they never got engaged as claimed by the woman. The 21-year-old woman has filed a written complaint with Ludhiana police, claiming she has been engaged to Sardar for the past four years and alleged that he "mentally, physically and emotionally tortured" her. "I know her but it's wrong to say that I assaulted her," Sardar said.

She also alleged that Sardar forced her to abort their child last year against her wishes and later refused to marry her. Sardar said these are serious allegations and he will retort back at an appropriate time as he is presently focussing on the ongoing Hockey India League, where he is captaining the Jaypee Punjab Warriors side. "Presently my full concentration in on the ongoing HIL.

From the perspective of self-replicating molecules (RNA and DNA), a healthy, sexually motivated organism is an optimal EXTERNAL environment. An organism is NOT an internal system from the perspective of genes.

Life originated from accumulations of large molecules (ribonucleic acids) that reacted in chain processes to result in more of its kind. This self-replication of RNA, even of artificially created RNA, has been proven in laboratory experiments. However, basic self-organization and self-replication of ribonucleic acids is extremely time-consuming and does not reach far under lab conditions. [1] [2]

In the history of the earth, the chemical chain reaction of self-replication occurred at a higher frequency under favorable conditions. Favorable conditions initially were accidental.

Accidentally, too, but already along the principles of natural selection, some of these molecular accumulations not only thrived under favorable conditions, but influenced external conditions so that they would become more favorable for their self-replication. In practice, ribonucleic acid enzymes (ribozymes) catalyzed the self-replication of certain RNA molecules in favorable environments.

All forms of life, including our own, are just favorable EXTERNAL conditions for the self-replication of RNA and its slightly modified form, DNA. [3] [4] [5]

Life didn't just happen out of nothing. It's a logical consequence of chemistry, under favorable conditions, but nevertheless just a result of chemical reactions.

After last night's match, I came to know about the allegations. Tomorrow I have a match again. It is a very serious allegation. I will look at the report and consult my lawyer. I will answer all questions but I need some time," he said. Asked whether he got engaged with the complainant, Sardar outrightly denied it, saying: "Nothing like that happened between us."

Talking to media at his home at Sant Nagar in Sirsa district of Haryana, Gurnam Singh, father of the Indian Hockey Captain rubbished the charges against his son. "It is a conspiracy to spoil Sardar's career. The accusations (of the woman) are baseless. There is nothing like that," he maintained. In her complaint to the Ludhiana Police Commissioner P S Umranangal, the woman had accused the veteran midfielder of "mentally, physically and emotionally" torturing her. The 21-year-old, in a startling revelation, has also claimed that Sardar, whom she met during thLondon Olympics in 2012 and has been engaged to him for the past four years, also forced her to abort their child in 2015. "We have been in a four-year relationship which was known to all in India and abroad.

It is a matter of subjective interpretation where in the course of ever more elaborately modified external conditions, one wants to set the origin of life, as anyway, the increasing complexity of these molecular accumulations is more or less linear on the time axis.

Favorable conditions, and the active interference of self-replicating molecules with their immediate surroundings to make these surroundings more favorable to their replication by enzymatic action, is very much at the bases of life. The strategy has been successful on earth, which is why we have a diverse biosphere all around the globe.

There are several terms to describe an optimal condition of this immediate external environment of self-replicating molecules which is organized as an organism. It can be called "health", or, more technically, "homeostasis".

Organisms display multiple functions to ensure that they are in an optimal condition for self-replicating molecules. At the root of all these functions is motivation. Without motivation, the function of an organism (the immediate external environment of self-replicating molecules) cannot be organized.

This is why even the most primitive organisms, for example Ceanorhabditis elegans, have strong motivation. Caenorhabditis elegans is nematode, a roundworm, of just about 1000 cells, of which about 300 are a nervous system. [6] [7] [8]Caenorhabditis elegans shows a strong sex drive and it even risks annihilation to pursue sexual reproduction. [9] [10] [11] If females (which in the absence of males can be hermaphrodites) are at a food source, males stay there. If no females are at a food source, males crawl wandering around. [12]

It is not that organisms have various drives such as seeking nutrition, avoiding danger and escaping negative stimuli, as well as seeking reproduction. Organisms really only have one purpose, only one drive, only one motivation: reproduction. I met him during the London Olympics and he finally proposed to me during the 2014 World Cup in Hague. He then invited me to his native village where Sardar and his family formally initiated the engagement," she alleged. "After this me and Sardar were expecting our first child in mid-2015. I spoke to him regarding this and he said sorry I don't want to have the child and you must abort it immediately otherwise I won't speak to you and there will be no contact. "So under pressure and with him also threatening and blackmailing me physically and emotionally, I aborted our child under the consultation of my parents. After this, Sardar abandoned me," the woman further alleged.The complainant said she filed the FIR to make public Sardar's fraud and the injustice which she has meted on her. "I filed the FIR because Sardar has resorted to fraudulent means. He lied to me, cheated me, physically, mentally and emotionally abused me," she said.

All other so-called drives are just logistical measures to make reproduction happen. Organisms avoid annihilation so that the one driving force behind any organism, self-replicating molecules, have an easier time to self-replicate.

The drive for favorable conditions for the self-replication of RNA and DNA is the most basic axiom of life. Everything else is just building on it.

Why do human beings, and other animals, have senses? To detect disturbances to the immediate environment of self-replicating molecules.

And why can animals move? To escape unfavorable conditions for the self-replication of RNA and DNA, and to go to more favorable ones.

And why do humans have feelings and emotions? For the same reason for which they have senses.

And the same goes for memory, language, and all cognitive functions. It even goes for ideologies, including the Kreutzian ideology you are reading about on this site. Its success rate depends on the extent to which it supports the self-replication of self-replicating molecules. And I guess it does a good job at that, which proves its biological truth.

The organizing principle of all nervous system functions, and their anatomies, is motivation to assure favorable conditions for the self-replication of RNA and DNA. With no motivation, all other brain functions are not just useless. With no motivation, other brain functions wouldn't be there in the first place.

"It has come to the point now that I need justice as a woman. If Sardar has any self-respect, he will call me or contact my lawyers. I have full faith in Indian law and Indian judiciary," she concluded. Meanwhile, Ludhiana Police Commissioner Pramraj Singh Umranangal formed a Special Investigating Team (SIT) to inquire into the complaint. The SIT would be headed by ADCP Satbir Singh Atwal, ACP Purewal and SHO Koom Kalan PS SS Nagra. They have been instructed to start an inquiry immediately, Umranangal said.


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Two arrested for sexually abusing boy

Thiruvananthapuram: Fort police on Sunday arrested two known offenders, who sexually harassed a 12-year-old boy and also went on to attack his parents, who questioned their act. The police identified the accused as Tiju alias Bru (28) and Anish Babu (31), both residing at MSK Nagar in Kuriathi near Manacaud. The boy was also a resident of the same colony. According to the police, the accused had been sexually harassing the boy for the past three months. The boy used to take bath in a public pond in the colony regularly and it was there, the accused used to sexually abuse him. On Friday, the accused harassed the boy again. The boy somehow escaped from their clutches, rushed home and revealed the matter to the parents. However, the parents, who went and questioned their act, were greeted with severe beating. Though they ran back to their home to escape from the attack, the accused followed them there and continued the attack. They also vandalized the properties in the house. Someone alerted the police station and two cops reached the spot. But, the accused fled after pushing away the cops.

"On Saturday, the two were traced in a quarry at Poliyoor near Thiruvallom, where they were hiding, said Fort sub inspector P Shajimon. Their arrests were recorded on Sunday, following which they were produced before the court and remanded in judicial custody. Imagine you lose a leg and receive a prosthesis. Not the archaic models of nowadays, but a prosthesis that functions just as well as a genuine leg, and looks like one, too. Are you still yourself?

How about a machine heart, or an artificial 20/20 eye? Would you still feel yourself?

I guess, I would, and sooner or later, I would surely welcome some organs that do their duties better than my own. If the replacement parts were to work well, I would feel myself, or, if anything else, I would feel better, but nevertheless myself.

In our thought experiment, we can go on and on, until we reach the brain.

The brain is several things. The brainstem controls vital functions like heart rate and breathing frequency. A sophisticated computer could take over.

The cerebellum coordinates movement, also something that potentially could be outsourced to a computer in future days, without eliminating our selves.

But now it gets trickier. In the midbrain sit our emotions, and mostly in the outer brain, the cortex, are intellectual functions and memories.

Brain memories are not like saving computer data, because brain memories are not just data, but data associated with emotions.

Here we get to the core of our selves, memories associated with emotions.


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Thrissur Hummer case: Nisham guilty of guard’s murder, sentence today

Thrissur: Business tycoon Mohammed Nisham was held guilty in the sensational Chandrabose murder case by the trial court here on Wednesday.

District Additional Sessions Court judge K.P. Sudhir will pronounce the quantum of punishment on Thursday.

“The accused has been found guilty under IPC section 302 (murder), 326 (voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means), 324 (voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 506 (i) (death threat), 427 (destruction of property) and 447 (criminal trespass),” the judge said while announcing the verdict.

During the trial, 79 hearings were conducted in the case in which Nisham was charged with brutally attacking the watchman with a Hummer at Shobha city here on January 30 last year. Chandrabose later died in the hospital.

Among the charges slapped by the police, IPC section 341 (forceful restraint), and 291 (for verbal abuse) were dropped by the trial court.

Nisham told the court after the verdict that he was suffering from bi-polar disorder and that he has an aged mother, two children and several employees and workers who were dependent on him. He sought leniency from the court while awarding the sentence.

Special public prosecutor C.P. Udyabhanu said Nisham was also slapped with Kerala Anti-social Prevention Act and was lodged in Kannur central jail for six months.

“The manner in which the accused rammed his Hummer on Chandrabose, shows the arrogance and inhumanness of the business tycoon,” he told the court.

For such a crime he deserves capital punishment," Mr Udyabahanu told the court.


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