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China Targets Adolescent Health with Sex Education

Current version: April 12, 2013

By: Amos Wekesa

All first-grade students in junior middle schools of Jiashan City, east China's Zhejiang Province, received a special card on sexual health on July 11, the World Population Day.

The theme of this year's World Population Day is "One billion young people, we have good health, we long for respect and we have the right to participate".

To mark the day, the educational department of Zhejiang made the card, which contains a poem calling for young people to cherish their "golden time" and learn to protect their sexual health, and provides sexual knowledge in the form of a "girls talk" and "boys talk".

In addition, the card also includes introductions to the organizations and hot lines which will provide them sexual health knowledge in puberty and support if they need it.

About one billion of the world's population are aged 15 to 24, including nearly 200 million in China. But most of the 200 million youngsters, who are sexually active, receive no education about safe sex from schools or parents because in traditional Chinese culture, "sex" has long been considered a taboo subject that few discuss openly.

In the past, most children got only evasive responses or even a scolding for "embarrassing" questions, such as "How was I brought to this world" and "What are the differences between men and women?"

Some parents would simply say "Mom picked you up on the road", while others would not answer at all, taking it for granted that the children would learn about it themselves when they came of age.

But because of a lack of formal and proper sex education, many youngsters in China have tried to get information from adult websites and pornographic videos or books. As a result, pregnancies, premarital sex and sexually transmitted diseases have risen among teenagers in recent years.

Compared to the early 1980s, when only 10 percent of Chinese young people in urban areas had had premarital sex, more than 50 percent of young people today have had premarital sex, and the proportion is higher in coastal cities.

More notably, the average age for those having premarital sex is becoming increasingly younger, sources said.

The fifth national census in 2001 showed that in Zhejiang, the birth rate among women whose age is below 20, the legal age for marriage in China, reached 2.37 per 1,000.

"Many people think that sex education is only about sexual behavior and shy away from this issue. In fact, it contains information on sexual physiology, psychology, morality and so on,"said Li Yangping, an official with the Zhejiang Provincial Family Planning Committee.

"If we had carried out sex education earlier and provided more services to help young people to make wise decisions, many risks or even crimes could be avoided," said Li, adding that the crucialstep in the sex education of teenagers was to help them to establish a correct attitude to sex.????

Fortunately, the government has also acknowledged the importance and urgency of the issue and has encouraged sex education in school.

Early in 2002, China's first textbook on sex education was published and put into use at primary and secondary schools in northeastern Heilongjiang Province.

In March 2003, China's first VCD series on sex education for primary and middle school students was issued in the southernmost province of Hainan to enlighten school children on sexual ethics, behavior, procreation and contraception, AIDS prevention and anti-drug warnings.

China's first emergency contraception center was set up in Chongqing the same month to help young girls out of the embarrassment of unexpected pregnancies.

In addition, a growing number of primary and secondary schools in major Chinese cities have included comprehensive sex education courses in their curriculum.

In Zhejiang, 2,217 urban communities have set up community schools to carry out puberty education and some even established websites to information through the Internet.

Experts also called for adults to have such classes to adjust their attitudes to sex so as to build up a sound social environment for young people.

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'Longest-serving' death row inmate granted retrial

Current version: March 27, 2014

By: Santiago Ramos

Death Penalty

A man believed to be the world's longest-serving death row inmate was Thursday granted a retrial in Japan over multiple murders in 1966, decades after doubts emerged about his guilt.

Shizuoka District Court decided to "start the retrial over the case" of Iwao Hakamada, 78, who was convicted for the grisly murder of his boss and the man's family, a court official said. Delivering his ruling, presiding judge Hiroaki Murayama cited possible planting of evidence by investigators to win a conviction as they sought to bring closure to a crime that shocked the country.

"There is possibility that (key pieces of) evidence have been fabricated by investigative bodies," Murayama said in his decision, according to Jiji Press.

The judge also ordered Hakamada's release, saying continued confinement "goes against justice".

Apart from the United States, Japan is the only major industrialised democracy to carry out capital punishment, a practice that has led to repeated protests from European governments and human rights groups.

Hakamada is the sixth person since the end of World War II to receive a retrial after having a death sentence confirmed, and his case will bolster opponents of capital punishment, including rights group Amnesty, which has just launched its annual report on the practice.

Shizuoka prosecutors told Japanese media that they are undecided on whether to appeal the decision, according to national broadcaster NHK.

Hakamada initially denied accusations that he robbed and killed his boss, the man's wife and two children before setting their house ablaze.

But the former boxer, who worked for a bean paste maker, later confessed following what he subsequently claimed was a brutal police interrogation that included beatings. He retracted his confession, but to no avail, and the supreme court confirmed his death sentence in 1980.

Doubts over evidence Prosecutors and courts had used blood-stained clothes, which emerged a year after the crime and his arrest, as key evidence to convict Hakamada.

The clothes did not fit him, his supporters said. The blood stains appeared too vivid for evidence that was discovered a year after the crime.

Later DNA tests found no link between Hakamada, the clothes and the blood stains, his supporters said. But the now-frail Hakamada has remained in solitary confinement on death row, regardless.

His supporters and some lawyers, including the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, have loudly voiced their doubts about evidence, the police investigations and the judicial logic that led to the conviction.

Even one of the judges who originally sentenced Hakamada to death in 1968 has said he was never convinced of the man's guilt but could not sway his judicial colleagues who out-voted him.

Japan has a conviction rate of around 99 percent and claims of heavy-handed police interrogations persist under a long-held belief that a confession is the gold standard of guilt. The decision came as Amnesty International issued its annual review of reported executions worldwide, which showed Japan killed eight inmates in 2013, the ninth-largest national tally in the world.

Hakamada's sister Hideko, 81, who has passionately campaigned for a retrial for decades, thanked dozens of supporters who gathered in front of the court house.

"I want to free him as soon as possible," she told a press conference held shortly after the court announced its decision. "I want to tell him, 'You did well. You will finally be free'," she said.

Hakamada seems to have developed psychological illnesses after decades in solitary confinement, Hideko told AFP in an interview last year.

"What I am worried about most is Iwao's health. If you put someone in jail for 47 years, it's too much to expect them to stay sane," Hideko said in the interview.

Amnesty, which has championed Hakamada's cause and says he is the world's longest-serving death row detainee, called on prosecutors to respect the court's decision.

"It would be most callous and unfair of prosecutors to appeal the court's decision," said Roseann Rife, the organisation's East Asia research director.

"Time is running out for Hakamada to receive the fair trial he was denied more than four decades ago," she said.

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Nilgiris could be homeo herbs capital: Experts

Current version: January 10, 2016

By: Andrew Lucas

Kerala students took in-situ lessons on the homoeopathic herbal wealth of the Nilgiris as experts in the field opined that Nilgiris has the potential to blossom into the homoeo herbs capital of the nation.For the near 50-odd students from ANSS Homoeopathic Medical College in Kottayam, Kerala, Tuesday was the day to a have look at herbs being used in homoeo medicines as they visited the Homoeopathic Medicinal Plants Cultivation and Research Garden of the Central Survey of Medicinal Plants Collection (CSMPC) unit at Emerald, near here.

Dr Ram Jyotish, reader at the college, said this was a very useful field study as the students who so far have only heard about homoeo herbs being used in homeopathic medicines, could see them in the field and study their traits and ecology.“Generally, homoeo herbs are known as Euro weather-liking herbs as they grow well in European countries. The nearly 85 species of such herbs that grow in the Nilgiris, show that the agro-climatic conditions in the Nilgiris is on a par with those in Europe and this aids the growth of homoeo herbs here,” he added. “If steps are taken to raise these homoeo herbs in large quantities across the Nilgiris to supply to the homoeo pharma industries, the Nilgiris will become the homoeo herbal capital of the nation,” he added.

Dr Jyotish added that a survey showed that the homeopathic medicinal field registered a near 10 per cent growth in recent times. More people, especially those in the creamy layer, now opt for homoeo drugs as they are free from side-effects besides curing the disease in an effective way, he pointed out. Dr S. Rajan, field botanist at CSMPC, said the unit in Emerald has sourced 85 species of homoeo herbal plants from abroad and raised them in the Emerald research garden over the years.

“We research the growth module and supply the raw materials needed for homoeo drug standardisation studies. So far, we have not initiated any commercial activity in a big way. But our research over the years shows that homoeo herbs grow well in the Nilgiris. Of course, it has vast potential to become a homoeo herbal capital, if herbal medicinal growers and homoeo pharma industries join hands for the purpose,” he added.

Rare herbs grow in Nilgiris

Dr Jyotish said some rare homoeo herbs such as the California poppy which is very effective in treating sleep disorders, grows well in the Nilgiris. Dr S. Rajan said Comfrey and Ammi visnaga, rare homeo herbs useful in treating skin ailments and kidney stones respectively, are found to grow well in the Nilgiris.

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