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Top reasons you may be avoiding sex

Current version: February 26, 2016

By: Brian James Lucas

Sex offers not just corporal pleasure but also helps the body to manage stress and anxiety. It even uplifts the mood and keeps us looking young, according to several studies. And there’s also no denying the fact that the desire for sex is one of our primal instincts.

But then that does not mean that there are people in the world who willingly forgo sex. No, we aren’t arguing about celibacy as a moral choice over here. Some people just prefer to avoid sex, either completely or for a certain time period. And sometimes such reasons can be totally legitimate and understandable.

Here are some of the reasons why it can be okay for you to avoid sex:

You don’t want to get a urinary tract infection

Sex serves as a catalyst for most urinary tract infections. We aren’t kidding – over 80 percent of UTIs occur within 24 hours after sexual intercourse. So, avoiding sex can be a way to avoid most UTIs.

You don’t want to ‘kill’ your creativity

The mental, emotional and physical tension that comes with not having sex can actually help create better performances. Having sex may diminish that ‘creative fire’ within you a little bit and make you more complacent in life, says Bustle.

You want less things to worry about

It cannot be denied that sex requires you to be careful. Now for most people that sounds like a paradox. How can you ‘lose control’ and ‘be careful’ at the same time? Well, if you want to avoid sexually transmitted diseases or a pregnancy then you have to take precautions. If your sexual health is not in shape or you’re not comfortable with the birth control method you are using; then it’s okay to stop and think before taking part in the act.

You don’t want to complicate things

Sex can have a powerful effect on your relationships – be it a serious one or just a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement. Sometimes sex can cloud your judgment and may lead you to make decisions that you may regret later. So, it’s perfectly fine if you decide to take a break in order to have a clearer perspective about things. Never have sex when it feels like a chore or an obligation.

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Albino killers sentenced to death in Tanzania

Current version: March 06, 2015

By: Santiago Rica

A court in Tanzania has sentenced four people to death for the murder of an albino woman who was killed so her hacked-off limbs could be used in magic, officials said Friday.

The sentencing comes after Tanzania' President Jakaya Kikwete blasted the wave of killings of albinos, whose body parts are used for witchcraft, as a "disgusting and big embarrassment for the nation".

The killers who were convicted include Charles Nassoro, the husband of the murdered woman. Court officials in Mwanza, northwest Tanzania, said the victim had her legs and right hand hacked off with an axe and machete after being attacked while eating dinner in her village.

"The prosecution has proved the case beyond reasonable doubt," High Court judge Joaquine Demello told state radio after Thursday's verdict.

She also told the Citizen newspaper the sentence had also taken into account "the escalating killing of people with albinism in the country".

According to a UN expert, attacks on people with albinism have claimed the lives of at least 75 people since 2000, and that albino body parts sell for around $600, with an entire corpse fetching $75,000.

Despite the handing down of the death penalty, Tanzania has had a de facto moratorium on capital punishment and carried out its last execution, by hanging, in 1994. There are currently 17 people on death row in the country for killing albinos.

Earlier this week Tanzania's president met with albino rights activists, promising firm action to stop the murders.

"The government has long tried to do everything possible to stop the killings, we are very serious with this. But we still need to enhance our efforts to bring to an end these killings, which are disgusting and a big embarrassment to the nation," Kikwete said in a statement.

Albinism is a hereditary genetic condition which causes a total absence of pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes. It affects one Tanzanian in 1,400, often as a result of inbreeding, experts say. In the West, it affects just one person in 20,000.

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Health minister okays herbal drugs

Current version: April 06, 2016

By: Mary May

The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, has frowned on the importation of mosquito nets and directed that they should be produced locally in the country.

He endorsed the use of herbal drugs and recommended that they should be produced under the supervision of the Nigerian Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development and the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control.

Speaking at the presentation of “NAFDAC Guidelines 2016” on Tuesday in Abuja, the minister said billions of “hard-earned” money was being used to import mosquito nets and other drugs that could be produced locally.

He said the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria could produce mosquito nets.

Adewole directed NAFDAC to partner universities of Zaria, Enugu, Ibadan and Jos to enhance research into local production of drugs.

The minister said, “When we came on board, what we were mandated to do was to develop the health agenda for the nation. Doing so, we worked on delivering health to Nigerian citizens. The APC manifestoes documented a new commitment to health, but we needed to build on this.

“We will make essential medicines available; make sure that we have self-sufficiency in local production and clinical practice. We will also ensure that we keep substandard products out of Nigeria.

“I saw a challenge with the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria. I believe that many of the key products that we use in this country can be labeled as medical devices, including the Long-Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets. Please, ensure that these are produced in Nigeria.

“In addition to this, we should also invest in local products. We call them traditional medicine. But, I want to call them Nigerian medicines. I think NIPRD will partner with us to research with your products, making sure that local preparations are available for Nigeria. I am sure NIPRD is aware of some of the commodities from the middle belt such as the one that when taken can prevent Nigerian women from getting pregnant for the next one year. This should be made available.”

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