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Sudan 2009

Sudan’s spy service suspected of murdering SPLM official in Lakes State


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The SPLM Assistant Secretary for Rumbek North County (Maper) was killed Thursday by a member of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) in Deng Nhial residential area at 8 o’clock in the morning, said an SPLM official.

According to the source from the ruling SPLM party in Lakes State, the late comrade Thon Wuong Manyuon was education inspector of Rumbek North County and also SPLM assistant secretary of Lake State Secretariat, as well he was sitting this year for the Sudan school certificate examination.

Lakes State Deputy Governor Awan Guol Riak, who acts as minister for local government and law enforcement, also added that the cause of killing should be investigated first.

"The officers of the National Security who are suspected of involvement in the killing are in custody awaiting investigation," he said. However, Riak said he can not disclose the cause of the killings until investigations are completed.

The two suspected officers begong to the SPLA.

After the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement the NISS integrated a number of SPLA officers and the deputy head of the intelligence and security services, Majac Agot, is also from the SPLA.

As a result of the Thursday killing, two foreigners allegedly involved were also slain on Thursday, according to an eyewitness statement saying that those two foreigners were killed as a part of revenge from angry family of the late Thon Wuong Manyuon.

Allegedly, a family member from Rumbek North who was very angry took revenge by killing one man from Tanzania and one man from Kenya suspecting them to be members of NISS.

James Ndungu Wanjiriu from Kenya was killed on Thursday at 3 o’clock PM and Wera Tarimu from Tanzania was killed the same day at 8 o’clock PM, said a foreigner who was a relative of one the victims.

In order to transport the dead bodies back to their respective countries, the Governor of Lakes State Lt. Gen. Daniel Awet Akot provided assistance to the foreigners by giving them one car with contribution from the trade union of East Africa whose members reside in Rumbek. The two bodies were taken away on Saturday from Rumbek to Kenya; thereafter the body of the Tanzanian man will be flow out from Kenya to the country of Tanzania.

This is not a first time in Lakes state that foreigners have been killed: within the same week in October 2008, a leading Tanzanian man was shot wounded at his garage and another Kenyan man was shot dead in a residential area near Canal Hotel Bar by an unknown assailant.

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Kenya 2014

Deported drug trafficking suspect who sneaked back to Kenya murdered


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Mystery surrounds the death of Komani Camara alia Boss Kamara of Guinea whose body was found on Saturday with gunshot wounds in the head.

Kilimani division police said they were called and informed the body was lying along Cemetry Road near Jamhuri Park, Nairobi.

CID head George Ojuka said Camara’s body had two gunshot wounds in the head.

“We do not know who killed him but some people there say they heard gunshots on Saturday morning from the same area. We are investigating the incident,” said Ojuka.

Ojuka added the victim had identification documents with him when the body was discovered. He said preliminary findings had shown Camara was among those who had been deported last June over allegations of drug trafficking after a presidential directive.

“We are informed he had been deported and came back after which he was arrested and taken to court before he was released because prove of his deportation was not there,” said Ojuka.

The body was moved to the City Mortuary. Camara had been spotted at a popular coffee joint on Friday evening in a jovial mood.

He had been deported alongside more than 90 other suspects including Nigerian Anthony Chinedu.

Camara’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta said the government had failed to prove his client had been deported after police arrested him and took him to court.

“He has been in remand for almost three months and we went to court and argued before he was set free. The government could not show he was deported,” said Ombeta.

It is thought that Camara was put on an airline as a normal passenger and told to go away to allow things to cool off. He flew to Addis-a-baba then to his country before he came back nine months later.

Most of the foreigners who were deported then had come to the country posing as businessmen and had been here for up to 20 years.

Sudan’s spy service suspected of murdering SPLM official in Lakes State

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Instant Coffee with Tongkat Ali


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