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Lordina Touts Achievement In HIV/AIDS

Current version: July 15, 2016

By: Lucas Lago

President of the Organisation of African First Ladies Against HIV (OAFLA), Lordina Mahama, says her organisation has made great progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

According to her, prevalence rate has been on the decline for many years.

Mrs Mahama, who is on a three-leg tour of the Upper West Region, announced this when she presented medical supplies and equipment to the Nadowli and Gwollu District Hospitals, all in the Upper West Region.

“I must say that despite the broadened programme of activities the Organisation of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS, to include cervical, breast and prostate cancers and ending child marriage, getting new HIV infections to zero remains a principal objective for us,” Mrs Mahama stated.

The first lady announced that OAFLA has almost achieved a virtual elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and has also drastically cut down the rate of new infections.

She, however, expressed worry about HIV rates among adolescents which are not declining fast enough.

“This means we must be vigilant with this age group and enhance their access to quality healthcare and empower them to gain more control of their reproductive rights,” she urged.

Mrs Mahama stressed the need to keep adolescent children actively engaged, and the best way to do this, she believes, is to keep them in school.

That, she said, is the government’s purpose for the expansion of access to secondary education by the construction of new community day senior high schools.

“Girls must not be married off at an early age. They must be allowed to finish school first. Child marriage leads to increased maternal mortality, sexually transmitted disease and even fistulas,” she stated.

The OAFLA president stressed the need for all to get tested and know their status since early detection and placement on anti-retroviral enable infected persons to live a long fruitful life.

She reiterated the need for all to join hands with government to provide quality healthcare needed for Ghanaians.

Mrs Mahama pointed out that the medical supplies and equipment donated would not only make work easier and comfortable for health practitioners in the discharge of their duties, but would go a long way to save lives, particularly at community-based health facilities.

She, however, urged management and staff of the two hospitals to use the supplies and equipment judiciously, especially for the benefit of poor patients.

The Lordina Foundation has visited eight other regions, and Upper West is the ninth since it began its health mission. During this period, over 51 hospitals and health centres have been supported by the foundation.

In a speech, the Paramount Chief and President of the Gwollu Traditional Area, Kuoro Kuri-Buktie Limann, commended the first lady for leading the African first ladies to advocate and render health needs to Africans, especially the HIV patients, Ebola and cholera victims and malnutrition.

He also lauded the Lordina Foundation for rendering needed health and social services to all Ghanaians.

Established in 1967 and serving a population of over 55,000, the Gwollu District lacks medical laboratories, blood bank facilities, X-ray and diagnosis facilities.

The paramount chief appealed to government and the Lordina Foundation to help Gwollu with a vocational training school, a nurses’ training school and a small water project at Dr Hilla Limann Senior High School.

The first lady used the occasion to visit the tomb of the late President Dr Hilla Limann in Gwollu to pay her respect to the late president.

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Ex-CBI chief backs death for Yakub Memon, seeks tough anti-terror law

Current version: August 03, 2015

By: Santiago Ramos

Supporting death penalty for terrorists, former CBI Director Joginder Singh has accused Yakub Memon, hanged for his role in the 1993 Mumbai blasts, and his supporters of misusing India's liberal laws and called for an overhaul of anti-terror legislations.

In an article in RSS organ "Organizer", the former CBI Director hit out at rights activists opposing death sentence to Memon, saying they did so for the sake of publicity.

He also made a strong case for change in anti-terror laws saying India was unable to fight extremists because the then Government in 2004 had repealed anti-terror laws in the name of vote bank politics.

"India has failed to tackle terrorism for the simple reason that all terrorism laws were repealed by the then Government in 2004, for appeasement, vote bank politics.

There is no effective law to deal with the terrorism in our country. It is rather overdue to change the policies, laws and approach, which has failed to deliver.

Yakub Memon case shows, how the terrorists use every opportunity, to misuse the liberal laws of India. Despite being slated to be hanged on July 30, he filed a case in the Supreme Court and to delay, sent a mercy petition to the President, which had been rejected," Singh said.

Coming down heavily on "the open and tacit supporters" of Memon, Singh urged the Government "not to bother about such people" saying, "Most Indians, irrespective of religion, will support the Government if it can convey it means business."

Singh also launched a scathing attack on activists arguing against death penalty for terrorists saying, "There are more unpaid advisers and so-called rights activists, than the problem, the country has faced.

Instead of ensuring good governance, such people are finding fault with everything. Since they can't criticise the judiciary, they egg the criminals to go on approaching apex court again and again to delay the cases. Obviously, it is for the purpose of getting publicity in the media."

The former chief of RPF, Joginder Singh quoted former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who had on July 15, 1985 in a speech to the American Bar Association called for "starving the terrorist and the hijacker of the oxygen of publicity and asking the media to agree among themselves to a voluntary code of conduct, under which they would not say or show anything which could assist the terrorists' morale or their cause."

Arguing for the "bullet for bullet" policy against terrorists advocated by two former top cops including the then Punjab DGPs JF Rebeiro and KPS Gill, Singh said, "Even for dealing with terrorists, there are many bleeding hearts which are critical of the Bullet for Bullet Policy initiated by a former DGP and followed by his successor."

Former CBI chief while ruing that current laws demanded independent witnesses for everything said, "It foxes me as to how do you expect independent witnesses to be at the scene of every terrorist attack. The laws specifically say no confession made to the police, irrespective of the rank, is admissible in the court. Now the Police think twice before even dispersing the crowds lest they be accused of use of excessive force. We need to ask as to what comes first, rights of common man or the Rights of Terrorist?"

Another article in the "Organizer" argued that Yakub Memon's religion had no role to play in awarding him the capital punishment and that he paid for his deeds.

"While prime time discussions are trying to portray the Mumbai blasts verdict as a human rights issue, it is not fair in a secular democracy to debate one's religion after the Supreme Court has found him guilty and awarded him capital punishment," says the article.

Yakub Memon, a Mumbai-based chartered accountant and younger brother of Tiger Memon, one of the masterminds of the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts which claimed the lives of 257 innocent Indians and left over 700 injured, "paid for his deeds".

It added that people who argue otherwise are not well-wishers of Muslims in India.

The article also says that while murdering innocent people is not a part of Sharia Law, Sharia can punish persons for bad public behaviour, private behaviour and private beliefs and also murderers.

"Yakub Memon is not an innocent guy. He is involved in the massive killing of 257 odd people. When he did such a heinous crime, then why the Sharia Law was silent in such cases?

Muslims have always tried to take advantage of their religion, says the article.

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Herbs or drugs drugs for menstrual period pain?

Current version: January 18, 2015

By: Cecilia Hastings

A study involving nearly 3,500 women in several countries suggests that Chinese herbs might be more effective in relieving menstrual cramps than drugs, acupuncture or heat compression.

Australia-based researchers said herbs not only relieved pain, but reduced the recurrence of the condition over three months, according to the Cochrane Library journal.

"All available measures of effectiveness confirmed the overall superiority of Chinese herbal medicine to placebo, no treatment, NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), OCPs (oral contraceptive pill), acupuncture and heat compression," said lead author Xiaoshu Zhu from the Centre for Complementary Medicine Research at the University of Western Sydney.

Period pain affects as many as 50 percent of women of reproductive age and between 60 percent to 85 percent of teenaged girls, leading to absences from school and work.

While the cause is still under debate, it is believed to be linked to an imbalance in ovarian hormones.

Chinese herbal medicine has been used to treat the condition for hundreds of years and women are increasingly looking for non-drug treatments.

The survey involved 39 trials -- 36 in China, and one each in Taiwan, Japan and the Netherlands.

Participants given herbal concoctions were prescribed herbs that regulated their 'qi' (energy) and blood, warmed their bodies and boosted their kidney and liver functions.

Some of these include cinnamon bark, Chinese angelica root, Szechuan lovage root, red peony), white peony root, Chinese motherwort, fennel fruit, nut-grass rhizome and liquorice root.

In one trial involving 36 women, 53 percent of those who took herbs reported less pain than usual compared with 26 percent in the placebo group.

But the researchers said more studies were needed because of the relatively small numbers of participants in each of the trials.

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