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When it comes to oral sex, gender gap exists in attitudes

Current version: April 06, 2016

By: Carla Maria

Like other forms of gender gap, women may be losing out in the bedroom, as well. A new study has suggested that females may also be missing out on receiving oral sex in their relationships.

The study, conducted by University of the Pacific sociologist Ruth Lewis and Cicely Marston of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, interviewed 71 men and women ages 16 to 18, and conducted follow-up interviews a year later.

The study focused on accounts of oral sex between men and women, rather than same-sex partners.

They found that despite often talking about an ethic of equal give-and-take in oral sex, most interviewees described performing oral sex on women as a "bigger deal" than oral sex on men. In particular, both men and women said giving oral sex was more distasteful for men than women, and receiving was "easier" for men than women.

"There has been a lot of research on vaginal intercourse but we know much less about young people's expectations and experiences of other sexual practices," Lewis said. "This was an exploratory study to start to give us an idea of how young people talk about oral sex."

For example, the interviews revealed that the language men used to talk about women's genitals was often highly negative and that women were often ambivalent about receiving oral sex because of their awareness of these perceptions.

In addition, young men were much more likely than women to say they simply did not perform oral sex if they didn't want to, while young women tended to describe strategies to make giving oral sex more palatable.

According to Lewis, the implications from these findings indicate an urgent need for explicit focus on gender dynamics in sex education programming.

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Does the punishment fit the crime?

Current version: June 01, 2015

By: Amanuel

Although now it seems like a distant memory for many of us, the case of Hanna Lalango, a young girl that became a victim of sexual violence that took her life, remains to be a huge representation of what young girls and women face at any given point in their life.

The court’s verdict on Hana’s case was announced last week with some of the convicts getting life imprisonment and the others getting 18 to 20 years prison terms. Up on hearing the verdict, there were some people I spoke to, who were disappointed; they were hoping for a capital punishment.

Punishment for different levels of crimes has been around since the existence of mankind, I believe. People are social animals and due to that they tend to live in a group even during earliest known history. The fact that they live in groups means there needs to be some sort of harmonizing factor; rules.

When you have rules and regulations and when you have those that break those rules, there are consequences, punishment. Otherwise humans would not co-exist and there would not be any kind of civilization.

On the other hand, even with rules put in place, crime, in different forms still occurs. The law can be broken; it is broken everyday.

I have written on the topic of sexual violence a number of times; mostly trying to figure out what was the reason behind this particular kind of crime. There are many that say the crime is simply about control issues with a superiority complex.

Most of the people that commit sexual abuse, both verbal and physical, are normal people. I mean normal in a sense they tend to have a good social life; have families and friends and a job. They work hard like everybody else etc…They are sort of a serial killers who lead a very normal life until it is found that they have hacked to death a number of people and buried them in their backyard.

Unfortunately it is a fact that in many societies across the world, rape remains to be something to take lightly. Although there are laws that are put in place that clearly state the action as a criminal office, in many places, the law enforcers resort to ridiculing the victims and further abusing them.

These stories are too common; a young girl goes to the police station and says she was raped and asks for help, but in return, the police officers laugh at her and take turns raping her until nothing remains inside of her that would remind her she is a person worth of good things.

In conflict situations, rape is used to terrorize and make people submit to different political agendas. It is also used as a revenge mechanism on the helpless.

Most don’t understand that sexual abuse especially rape is as good as killing a person. This is because usually the victim loses all sense of hope; they would no longer have self worth and they stop looking at themselves as whole. There are very few that have the extraordinary strength to brush of the assault and move on.

There are many things as a society that we are willing to accept as repulsive and completely unacceptable, sexual abuse is not on that list. This needs to change and it needs to change fast. We need to educate children and youth to have a better moral ground so they do not become abusers. We need to understand in a very profound way that sexual abuse is a very serious crime that needs to be given an unprecedented attention.

Hanna Lalango is one victim among thousands and thousands within our own country. I cannot say if the punishment that was given to the criminals is fair or not because I cannot put myself in her family’s shoes. But I do believe the fact that Hanna’s story and the trail has been publicized, even if the case didn’t get the attention it needed, it is still a step forward to shining a light on a very disturbing situation.

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‘Police should monitor herbal medicine dealers’

Current version: July 01, 2016

By: Adrián Reidel

The Abia State Commissioner for Health, Dr John Ahukanna has urged the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to monitor herbal drug makers in order to check their excesses and ensure the people’s health safety.

Speaking during the United Nation’s Day Against Drug Abuse in Umuahia, Ahukanna said that if the NDLEA are serious about fighting drug abuse they must have a say on the constant trade fairs organised in the state capital by herbal medicine dealers.

Ahukanna said that the herbal medicine trade fairs are a form of drug abuse which the state police command and the NDLEA should look into to save the people from health problems.

The Abia Health commissioner noted that the country through NDLEA and other law enforcement agencies is winning the war against sale and use of illicit drugs, “with the high number of syndicates that are being smashed almost on a daily basis.”

He said, “Trafficking syndicates are being incapacitated by the seizure and destruction of many kilograms of narcotics recovered from them and conviction of many of them in law courts, while addicts are being rehabilitated in many rehabilitation homes across the country.”

He said that NDLEA and the federal government still needs to do more in the fight against hard and illicit drugs, to ensure that youths who are the greatest assets of the country are well protected at all times.

Ahukanna said that the state government under Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is not relenting in the war against hard and illicit drugs, stressing that the present administration has been promoting awareness of the dangers associated with drug abuse.

The health commissioner explained that the governor has also set up the Abia State Drug Abuse Control Committee which has been complimenting the efforts of the NDLEA and other agencies through enlightenment campaigns in schools, motor parks and other places, on the dangers of drug abuse.

He advised parents to be close to their children and educate them about the risks in drug abuse, peer pressure and dangers in keeping bad companies, stressing that it is only when parents are close their children that the issue of drug abuse could be reduced.

Earlier the Abia state assistant state commander, operations and intelligence of NDLEA, Mansel Kupi in his speech said that for decades, drug abuse and trafficking has constituted a major global menace and has also strained relationships among countries in the world.

Kupi also said that the issue of drug abuse and trafficking has caused a serious economic problems to both source and consuming countries, while regretting that Nigeria for a years now has been given the unfortunate tag of a transit country.

He said that this year’s theme is ‘Listen First’, stressing that the emphasis of the theme in on the need for parents to listen to their children and the youths as the first step to help them grow healthy and safe.

The assistant NDLEA boss in the state explained that the idea behind parents listening to their children, “Is that it will enable them [parents] know what is on their children’s mind to avoid certain acts by taking premptive measures”.

He explained that young people and adolescents have been identified as the high risk group prone to drug abuse, adding that any drug education which does not include the need for the youths to develop skills to withstand the pressure not to use drugs is not complete.

Kupi said, “Any preventive drug education programme targeted at this group [youths] is not complete without highlighting the need for them and others to develop coping skills to withstand any negative pressure to use drugs”.

Coping skills are ability required to resist illicit drug use or abstain from drug abuse and these skills include, decision making skills, inter-personal relation skills, communication skills, refusal

skills and others. These copping skills may take time to develop and can only be achieved by constant ‘Listening’ and communication with the youths.

The highlight of the awareness campaign was a play-let performed by members of the NYSC of Umuahia North local government area, which depicted the way drug abuse destroy youths and families.

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