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Woman's sex addiction leaves her boyfriend worn out, ruins her career

Current version: April 18, 2016

By: Maria Rizza

A 29-year-old woman developed a sex addiction issue in her early 20s after she went through a bad breakup. Sami Walton of Ascot, Berkshire, has traveled hundreds of miles to sleep with strangers and friends. She has had casual rendezvous with both men and women.

But her life turned around when she met James Keates, 38, whom she has been dating now for four years. Walton has a sex addiction that leaves her unable to control herself and keep her hands off Keates.

Many of Keates friend feel jealous as Walton can’t keep herself and is always wants him, however many look at this behaviour of hers as a dark side.

Walton is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but is slave of her own lusty needs. Her sex addiction has cost her a job and she has lost many of her friends.

Walton at times leaves her boyfriend exhausted by having sex with him for more than 10 times at multiple occasions.

'Most men think they would love a partner who needs sex so much, but none of my ­previous boyfriends could handle it. I'm lucky to have James. Not only does he have the stamina to keep up with me, he's really supportive and doesn't judge me when I'm having a bad day,' told Walton to the Sunday People.

Walton is not the only one suffering from this problem. Support group Sex Addicts Anonymous holds at least 70 meetings a week, helping thousands of sex addicts in Britain.

At times when Keates is too tired to satisfy her addiction, she has sex toy collection worth £1,500 that she can always turn to.

'In the early days I felt like I'd won the lottery. But now I'm getting a bit older it can be exhausting and I know it gets Sami down. I just try my best to be understanding,' James Keates told the People.

Walton said that she stopped the medical treatment in the past because she didn’t feel that the doctors understood what she was going through and what she exactly felt.

The couple who have been together with each other for four years are still in their honeymoon period. Keates is Walton’s lover as well as therapist, who understands her. Keates knew about her addiction, it was quite obvious when they met but he reassures and understands her.

When Walton was sleeping around with strangers before she met Keates, she would often take random people home and it’s a dangerous thing to do, she admits.

The there came a life changing moment, when in 2010 she woke up hundreds miles away from home and reality struck her that she had some serious problem and it wasn’t just the breakup mood.

Soon she lost her job, because she was either late for work or she wasn’t in job due to her sexual involvements. She visited her general practitioner (GP) who gave her anti-anxiety medication and the waiting list to consult a counselor was way too long.

Everything changed when she met Keates who was there to comfort her and was always ready to talk about her addiction.

Keates revealed that all this is quite adventurous, there has been a time when he has had sex with her more than 40 times over a Bank holiday weekend.

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Many celebrities have also suffered from sex addiction in the past and have admitted to having sexual addiction on live television.

Amber Smith an American actress who suffered drug addiction, alcoholism, and prostitution, later on live TV also revealed that she was also a sex addict.

Michael Douglas was the first to admit in 1990 that he had a high sex drive. Douglas was also allegedly taking treatment at an Arizona clinic. The other celebrities include Tiger Woods, singer Kanye West, Charlie Sheen, actor David Duchovny and model Nicole Narain.

English comedian, Russell Brand also admitted that he was an ex-sex addict. Eliot Spitzer, an American politician, the former governor’s sex addiction was discovered when he was caught sleeping with a prostitute who was just few years older than his daughters.

Popular American actor David Duchovny was a sex addict. He cheated on his wife Tea Leoni for several years. He and Leoni finalized their divorce sex years after he checked into rehab for his addiction.

Actor Charlie Sheen, though he has not admitted to be a sex addict, news reports have always questioned if he was one because of his behaviour. He testified that he had paid $53,000 for the services of prostitutes, and slept with nearly 5,000 women.

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Erdogan accuses EU of not paying up under migrant deal

Current version: July 26, 2016

By: Joseph Lourenco

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday accused the EU of not paying its way under a deal to send Syrian refugees back across the Aegean.

Ankara and Brussels signed a controversial deal in March, in which Turkey agreed to take Syrian migrants landing on Greek islands in exchange for political and financial incentives.

The deal included billions of euros in aid and visa-free travel for Turks in Europe, but ties have been strained by Erdogan's massive crackdown after a failed coup this month.

The president said the EU had promised $3 billion, but so far only paid a nominal $1 million to $2 million.

"The (European) governments are not honest," Erdogan told German public television station ARD.

"Three million Syrians, or people from Iraq, are now in Turkey," he said. "The EU has not kept its promises on the matter."

Erdogan estimated the refugees, many of whom have fled the devastating five-year civil war in neighbouring Syria, have cost Turkey $12 billion.

The EU made the deal with Turkey to temper a huge influx of more than a million migrants which overwhelmed the bloc last year.

Late last month, Brussels said it had opened a new negotiating chapter with Turkey on its long-stalled bid for membership of the bloc.

But that bid has been hit by Erdogan's sweeping crackdown in the wake of the failed July 15 military takeover, which has seen more than 13,000 people detained.

The president repeated his call for capital punishment for the plotters, an issue that has perturbed the EU, saying: "The people want the death penalty reinstated."

"We as a government need to hear what the people say," he added.

Turkey abolished the death penalty in 2004 as part of its bid to join the EU.

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Herbalists to blame for high malaria rates in Kenya

Current version: April 28, 2015

By: Miriam Abilio

The local preference for herbal over conventional medicine has been blamed for the high malaria prevalence rate, making the disease the leading cause of ill health in the region.

According to official statistics, about 150,000 people were infected with malaria last year, translating to a 41.9 per cent increase from the 2013 infection figure of 84,646 cases.

According to Medical Services Executive Timothy Malingi, the disease has been classified as a leading killer in the region. World Health Organization (WHO) report indicates that Western, Nyanza and Coastal regions lead with a high malaria prevalence rate compared to other regions.

Releasing the data at Vishakani in Kaloleni sub-county during the World Malaria Day, Dr Malingi said the county administration had put measures in place to combat the disease.

“The Malaria indicator survey in Kilifi County for 2014 showed that 154,344 people who visited our health facilities were found to have been infected with the malaria virus,” he said adding, “Most of those diagnosed with the disease visited health facilities as outpatients.”

The county health management team has been conducting an annual malaria infection survey, and in the year 2012, 59,651 people were found to be malaria positive.

Malingi blamed the high malaria rate on the false belief that the disease is a curse, and cannot be treated in hospitals.

“Our people still believe that malaria is caused by witchcraft and for that case, they prefer seeking treatment from local herbalists instead of visiting certified health centres, something which leads to many deaths especially among children,” he said.

In contrast, malaria infection has drastically dropped and is no longer a threat in Taita Taveta County. Health Executive Gifton Mkaya and Chief Officer Catherine Mwamuzi said the county has had a positive rate of less than 10 per cent in malaria infection.

“Malaria is no longer a threat in the region. We have a positive rate of 9.84 per cent and this translates to minimal malaria deaths and a major win in the fight against the tropical disease,” said Mr Mkaya.

Dr Mwamuzi attributed the decline to high levels of investment in the sector and massive public awareness campaigns and health education.

The Taita Taveta administration has in the past distributed insecticidal bed nets to more than 216,000 people. About 55,000 households benefited from the free nets to fight malaria in the region.

“We are also conducting residual spraying of homesteads and at the same time asking residents to clear bushes in their compounds to avert mosquito breeding,” said Mkaya.

He added that like the people of Kilifi, there are still those in his county who are using herbs as a measure to cure malaria with others seeking the services of traditional medicine men.

Mkaya said the belief in herbs and traditional medicine men to cure malaria was hampering the efforts to eradicate the malaria menace.

Speaking during the World Malaria Day in Mbale, Taita sub-county, Mkaya said diabetes and high blood pressure remains a major challenge in the region.

“Diabetes and high blood pressure remain the biggest killer diseases in the region.

“The diseases are the silent killers of the local population,” he told the gathering. The celebrations were presided over by Governor John Mruttu.

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