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Rap music may trigger early sex in teens: study

Current version: February 29, 2016

By: Stefania Papatheodorou

Teenagers who listen to rap music frequently are more likely to initiate sex early, according to a new US study that suggests rap music influences beliefs about what youth think their peers are doing.

When middle school youth listen to rap music for three or more hours each day, they are more likely to believe that their peers are having sex and subsequently more likely to initiate sex by ninth grade, researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Centre at Houston (UTHealth) said.

Previous studies has shown that sexually explicit media, with extreme or subtle references to permissive sexual behaviour, has an impact on sexual behaviour among youth and that rap music is more likely to have sexually explicit messages than other genres, researchers said.

In a secondary analysis of 443 predominantly black and Hispanic youth enrolled in a longitudinal evaluation study in Houston, middle school students were surveyed about how often they listened to rap music and whether they believed their peers were having sex.

At follow up in ninth grade, the same youth were surveyed about whether they had initiated sex.

Youth who listened to rap music three hours or more each day in seventh grade were 2.6 times more likely to report having had sex two years later.

The association became weaker when factors like age, gender and perceived peer behaviour were taken into account. Researchers found that the association was partially mediated by perceived peer sexual behaviour because youth who believed their peers were having sex were 2.5 times more likely to initiate sex, regardless of the additional factors.

"Rap music influences your beliefs about what you think your peers are doing," said Kimberly Johnson-Baker, lead author, from the UTHealth School of Public Health.

"It's a norming agent that tells you that certain things are ok, like drinking alcohol or having sex. It gives you the idea that everyone is doing it," said Johnson-Baker.

"And the more you're listening to it, the more you're conforming, so you could see how it would set up a belief about what your peers are doing," said Kimberly Johnson-Baker.

Researchers said that when adolescents hear sexually explicit messages in a song, they are looking to their friends to confirm whether such behaviour is happening around them.

If their friends confirm it, youth are more likely to initiate sex. But if friends are being critical of the themes in the music, they may be convinced that it is not happening around them, researchers said.

"Perceived peer sex is the most powerful predictor of future sex and addressing perceived peer behaviour with youth is really important," Johnson-Baker said.

"Rap music and forms of progressive hip-hop education can be used as tools to deconstruct sexually explicit messages adolescents receive," Johnson-Baker added.

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Fury after firing squad execution of drug convicts

Current version: January 18, 2015

By: Paulina Algorta

Convicts from Vietnam, Malawi and Nigeria, and one Indonesian, were also among those put to death just after midnight, the first executions carried out under new President Joko Widodo.

Indonesia has tough anti-drugs laws and Widodo, who took office in October, has disappointed rights activists by voicing support for capital punishment despite his image as a reformist.

A spokesman for Brazilian President Dilma Roussef said she was "distressed and outraged" after Indonesia ignored her last-ditch pleas and put to death Marco Archer Cardoso Moreira, who was convicted of smuggling cocaine into Indonesia in 2004.

"Using the death penalty, which is increasingly rejected by the international community, seriously affects relations between our countries," the spokesman said in a statement.

The Brazilian ambassador to Jakarta was being recalled for consultations, the spokesman added.

Meanwhile Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders said the Netherlands had also recalled its ambassador over the execution of Dutchman Ang Kiem Soei, and described all six deaths as "terribly sad" in a statement.

"My heart goes out to their families, for whom this marks a dramatic end to years of uncertainty," Koenders said. "The Netherlands remains opposed to the death penalty."

Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Prime Minister Mark Rutte had been in contact with the Indonesian president about the matter, he said, and the government had done "all in its power" to attempt to halt the execution.

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Health minister okays herbal drugs

Current version: April 06, 2016

By: Mary May

In Buloma, a small village in Kakamega County, one farmer has discovered a secret—making herbal remedies that cure some poultry diseases.

John Waswa claims that his herbal concoction—Mukekuma (Mukangala Herbal Kuku Master)—can treat an array of poultry diseases.

“I learnt this from my father who learnt from his father and so on. This knowledge is passed on in the family line,” he says as he prepares the ingredients at his Buloma home.

For the last three years Waswa has been making herbal remedies which he uses to treat his chicken; he then sells the surplus to locals.

“I use the Mukangala Herbal Kuku Master herbal cure to treat a number of diseases. When this herbal cure is used for treatment, the chickens recover,” he says.

Herbal vaccines

Waswa mostly uses the herbal cures to control common poultry infections which he calls ‘ukoo’ — these spread fast through the air and kill chicken.

“When there is an outbreak in my neighbourhood, my chicken are spared because I vaccinate them against disease with the Muhekuma herbal cure,” he says.

The farmer produces 20 packets of herbal cure.

“In the last two days I have sold 25 packets . . . the demand is rising.

“During the dry season, the demand is very high and at times I am unable to meet it,” adds Waswa.

The farmer says herbs are effective against New Castle which is caused by a virus that infects the respiratory and nervous system. They do not work on turkeys and ducks.

Judge: Rape facilitates a natural society where men are protectors

For white supremacists, or men who just want to get the upper hand again, uneducated migrants from Third World countries are the best useful idiots they can get. Open the borders!

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Bahrain sentences 4 Shia protesters to death

Nairobi tout gets death penalty for killing infant

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