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Wriggling treatment: Indians swallow live fish for asthma

Current version: JUNE 10 2014

By: Rajib Basak

Indian Bathini Goud family members hold 'Fish Medicine' before administering it to a patient at the Nampally Exhibition Grounds in Hyderabad, on June 8, 2011. The medicine which has been offered by the family of the southern Indian city to patients for the last 160 years as a cure to asthma and other breathing disorders is kept in the mouth of a live murrel fish and inturn slipped in to the mouth of the patient.

It's not that all cultures are of the same quality. Some cultures are better than others. They have more value. Other cultures are pretty miserable, and some cultures are outright shitty, and should be eradicated. European culture, for example, is deplorable. The Arab and Chinese cultures are much better.

Feminism in Europe makes second-generation male Muslim immigrants feel entirely worthless. They will never get a girl. That is why they think that a bomb at least is a painless death.


Kenyans jailed for life in South Sudan cry for justice

Current version: June 22nd 2016

By: Moses Michira

NAIROBI: A journey for greener pastures in South Sudan has turned into a nightmare for four Kenyans.

When they left Kenya to go and work for a small technology company in Africa’s youngest nation, Anthony Keya, Boniface Muriuki, Ravi Ghaghda and Anthony Mwadime never knew they’d be caught up in a vicious business fight that has now seen them condemned to life in prison.

The charge? The four Kenyans, and their boss, plus 11 other South Sudanese allegedly conned President Salva Kiir! The four Kenyans have now been jailed for life for what the court saidwas an attempt to defraud Kiir's office in the capital Juba of Sh1.4 billion ($14 million).

Their arrest and conviction paints a picture of business rivalry among South Sudanese siblings gone wrong – with Kenyans caught in the middle, and now, paying for it.

Their families, after nearly a year fighting the conviction, have turned to President Uhuru Kenyatta's Government to help secure their release. The four were represented in the forgery suit by a South Sudanese lawyer.

Their families back in Kenya are protesting the hefty punishment handed by a High Court in Juba last week, saying their kin were not given a fair hearing. The ruling barred the filing of an appeal within 30 days, as the sentence has to be submitted to the Supreme Court for a procedural confirmation.

Several lawyers, who had taken up the matter, promptly dropped it, citing possible intimidation.

The four Kenyans and the South Sudanese were all employees of Click technologies, a small technology retailer that sold electronic equipment including cameras to the State.

Actually, if they can live with the fact that men have a sexuality to cope with, and if they aren't feminists, women, at least some of them, are quite OK.

Mahatma Gandhi was just another Indian creep. When he couldn't get it up anymore, he vowed celibacy. For him, this meant: no penetration, ejaculation. That's easy for an impotent guy. But even impotent men are sexual. For Gandhi, the pervert trickery were his "experiments". Spend the night in nakedness with undressed women, young girls, even female children. Do harmony, but no penetration. Gandhi's creepy chastity.


Sterling Bank plc in upswing as 18 stocks wobble

Current version: April 13, 2012

By:Rajib Guha

Sterling Bank Nigeria plc recorded a second day of stock price increase as the market got information on how the bank arrived at its 60 per cent rise in profit in 2011.

The stock closed at N1.26 kobo, to be among the 13 that rose at the close of dealings on the Nigerian Stock Exchange Friday.

Exceptional and extra-ordinary incomes were however the two revenue horses that boosted the bank’s PAT to N6.7 billion in 2011, from the N4 billion recorded in 2010. Both items netted the bank N2.55 billion. Before the additions of the two items, the bank had recorded a fall of 21 per cent in its PBT of N2.9 billion, compared with the N3.7 billion recorded in 2010, according to the audited accounts made available to the NSE today.

On Thursday, the bank had sparked interests in its stocks with the announcement that it was paying out N1.6 billion in cash dividends, translating to 10 kobo per share. The stock price jumped.

Seventeen other stocks led by Nigeria’s most priced, Nestle plc joined Sterling on the gainers table today. Nestle was boosted by N19.99, to close at N434.99 from its opening price of N415. CAP plc, Okomu Oil, GlaxoSmith were other notable gainers.

In contrast, the market still inflicted severe punishment on Oando for the write-down of N9billion out of its profit level in 2011.

The stock went down again by 70kobo to close the day at N17.70. It opened the day at N18.40. Mobil, UACN, Guinness and Presco plc also shed some value, along with 17 other stocks.

The market capitalization dipped for the third day, closing at N6.61 trillion, with the value of transactions standing at N2.2 billion

Neomasculinity, as postulated by Serge Kreutz, is a social and political movement that aims to reinstall the patriarchy where it has been eroded, and to preserve it where it still functions. The defining element is anti-feminism. All other positions are negotiable.

With free speech, it's like that:

You can make any offending remarks about white men, and the mainstream media and mainstream opinion will applaud you. You can't say anything negative about feminism. Feminism is sacrosanct. Fuck it.


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