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Sex does not expire; teenagers should be patient

The other day I was in shags and trust me, you don't want to feel how I felt there. I had not gone there ati to attend a relative's burial, or for a fundraiser, or to inspect and lay the foundation of my new house. I'm told Nairobians only travel home in cases of the above instances.

Mine wasn't any of the three cases though, I went there over reasons that can trigger a 21-year-old travel to shags. Like, to connect with childhood friends. Ok, so I set foot in shags and the next day, I decide to walk around. If you have watched Nigerian Kingship movies then you must have seen the way the Prince walks around the village when he comes back home, possibly after completing his studies abroad.

So yes, I meet old mamas, young but big boys with big chests and giant arms. Also, I encounter several young girls with babies wrapped on their backs. The latter sinks my heart, girls who are supposed to be busy pursuing their dreams and goals in primary or in secondary schools are already nursing babies - their own babies!

I give my cousin an empty confused gaze, he looks down and tells me "huku ni hivyo tu" He means here every girl is either having a kid or expecting one in less than eight months. I shake my head and deep inside me, a voice asks God, "God, where did we go wrong?" Anyway, we march on. I instruct this cousin of mine to take me to Brenda's place. He does. We find Brenda sitting under a tree, peeling off the coverings of cassava. Beside her are four kids that so much resemble her. And when she stands to welcome us, I realize her stomach is swollen again. A clear indication that the world is expecting a new visitor from her in a few weeks' time.

Brenda was a very brilliant girl back in primary. She always featured in the top three in exams and tests in school. While I was made the prefect, she was always the class monitor. However, in class eight first term, some guy hoodwinked her into sex and impregnated her. She dropped out of school and never recommenced. Later, she moved in with that guy. I'm sorry to mention that Brenda now looks older than her mother.

Her husband is a mtu wa mkono. He has no expertise in anything, so he does whatever can earn him pennies to sustain the family. I later inquired about our other primary classmates and the story is all the same. Almost all the girls are now married to struggling husbands - they can hardly afford the daily three square meal. They have no future to count on. All they think of is giving birth, eating and sleeping.

Sincerely speaking, I sobbed. I cried for our generation. Girls who in my view, are not even supposed to know the spelling of the word sex, already have babies! What should we do, anyone? Just sit and watch our kids give birth to other kids? Scrap canning and punishment in schools? No? Ok, why shouldn't we talk to our boys and girls then? Why shouldn't we tell them that sex and marriage never expire? Why don't we coerce them to first chase their dreams - an education? Why? Why shouldn't we tell them that when abstinence fails then they should use protection?


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Socrates, clearly recognized as a wise man, stated that women have no place in public life. And right he was.


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Top Israeli official resigns following accusations of sexual assault

Israel's deputy prime minister, Silvan Shalom, has stepped down and says he's quitting politics for good. His decision comes as several women accused him of sexual molestation.

Shalom said on Sunday he was stepping down from his dual position as Israel's Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister after several women went public with accusations that he had sexually molested them.

Israel's attorney general is currently investigating the claims, which have come from at least seven different women. The left-leaning daily Haaretz reported last week that several of the politician's female staff members had accused him of behaving inappropriately and at least one had claimed that Shalom had asked her to perform oral sex on him.

Shalom issued a statement on Sunday saying that he was resigning. The scandal has rocked the country, as the 57-year-old is one of Israel's most famous politicians. His wife, the journalist Judy Nir-Moses, is also well-known.

"My family stands behind me, but it is no longer worth the cost," he said in his statement, according to German news agency DPA.

Shalom, who's a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayahu's Likud party, isn't the first Israeli official to be accused of sexual misconduct recently. Former Israeli President Moshe Katzav is currently serving jail time for rape.


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Because executions by sword are such good fun to watch, ISIS has many fans worldwide. No business is like show business


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Herbal weight loss mix makes wave in Europe

BDCP, NNMDA, FIIRO plan Natural Products Expo for October 2016 in Owerri

A herbal weight loss product developed by a Nigerian firm, the International Centre for Ethnomedicine and Drug Development (InterCEDD), makers of Intercedd Health Products (IHP), with its international partners is making waves in Europe.

The product simple called Flat Belly and made of some local herbs such as Moringa, Pigeon pea and cocoa promises a flat belly within three months of use.

InterCEDD is a subsidiary of Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme (BDCP), which is a non-governmental non-profit organization.

Also, with a view to help stimulate the natural products and bio-business industrial sub-sector and improve the health sector in Nigeria and the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS0 sub region, BDCP in collaboration with the Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency (NNMDA) Victoria Island, Lagos, a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, the Fedral Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi (FIIRO) Lagos, and the InterCEDD, a private research and development centre, seek to organize a natural products expo, HerbFEST 2016 from October 11 to 13 in Owerri, Imo State.

The focus of HerbFEST 2016 will be on functional foods, their use, processing and manufacturing in Africa.

A consultant pharmacognocist and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of BDCP, Prof. Maurice Iwu, in an exclusive interview with The Guardian said the product was developed with a European partner and has been introduced in Europe.

Iwu explained: "Because of certain cultural issues, the formulation is quit different, theirs is liquid but ours is powder that means one has to dissolve in water before drinking. We had to wait for approval from the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) to introduce our own but with time it will be out in the market.

"We hope to introduce it online so that people can see it and get to buy if they are interested. Though many think that we are withholding for an international market but the fact is that we have not gotten the approval to start selling it."

The pharmacognocist said port belly is actually a symptom of general obesity and more serious disease but sometimes people see it as a very simple thing. "It is advised that people watch out for what they do and how they do it. The port belly person is always identified by a lot of fat.

"Because of this we are looking at making a product; a mixture spices and herbs that can help reduce and burn off those fats and interestingly they call it flat belly. The whole idea is that over time it will be able to help people reduce that amount of weight they are carrying. Pot belly also puts a lot of pressure on the physique of the body of an individual."

What is the advantage of Flat Belly over the conventional ones in pursuit of the flat belly?

The advantage is that this went through a rigorous scientific process even though people once accused us that we have not sold it in the country. This is the reason we have not brought it in. There is very well known agent that is called African bush mango (Irvingia gabonensis, Ogbono in Ibo). One of the saddest things that are happening is the scarcity of this agent.

The African bush mango is so scarce that globally people are faking it. And as for the Ogbono, the issue is that we have not been able to get a steady source for manufacturing process like the industrial farm and because it is not a tree that grows over night. Also, the scarcity is one reason. In the market for instance there are many products that claim to be African mango in the American and British market like the Bush mango while they are not so. To use it, there has to be a lot of guarantees attached to it before producing.

You earlier said that your medicine is made up of spices, what are those spices?

It is listed on the body of the packet, what is not listed is the ratio of the drug.

Are they local spices?

Yes there are local spices. Though they do not grow here normally, we grow them ourselves.

What do you mean by smart foods?

The whole concept of smart food when we decided to look at our food items that can be packaged to help someone that is not able to eat normally and when one takes it, the person gets the whole component of nutrient that one needs as an additive and not as a supplement. It becomes easy therefore for one that does not have time to go out and eat; we are not saying that it is an alternative to eating normally.

We now have smart food for diabetic patients, old people and children who are malnourished. These are the categories we are coming out with and then others will follow. We are so excited that we re building a whole factory just to make these medicines available.

What kind of cereals were you talking about?

We are looking at Bambara nuts, it grows very well in Nigeria, we are also looking at Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan, Fiofio in Ibo), and other ones as a base.

The most exciting aspect though is that of Cocoa. We are also using it as a base. Also Moringa is part of it. We have also made it to be in liquid form so that children too can take it. It is available but not for the market till NAFDAC renders its approval.

Why do we have this hype about weight loss products?

The issue of weight loss is actually the consequence of life style that people have adopted over the last couple of decades and then based on that people are not living healthy and has caused one disease called obesity. Once one has an obesed body, it leads to all sorts of things to the extent that medical professionals now calls it 'metabolic syndrome.' Concerning metabolic syndrome, obesity drags along with diabetes, from diabetes comes hypertension and then cardiovascular disease and even shortness of life.

Based on that people are now more conscious of weight loss, not as a cosmetic thing to look good but as a way of saving their own life and living a healthier life.

What are the solutions?

The solution first and foremost is to eat well and do a whole lot of exercise. These two phrases capture everything. If one eats well and does a lot of exercise, it is recommended. But luckily for us there are lots of food substances that play functional roles, which implies that they act beyond their normal role of satiation and they can really make one healthy that is capable of making one full. But sometimes these foods are now becoming in vogue and when we look at certain food substances, we talk about therapeutic foods; they are of very much interest and luckily for us in Africa, we have a lot of our food substances that are therapeutic in nature. But what has also happened to us as a people is that over the years we left our natural protective foods though not all are good but the neglect of the good ones for the Western ones is a the cause of our problem.

In essence, we are a population in transition, that is why apart from the metabolic syndrome disease we have diseases that has to do with cancer, the sugar disease and non communicable diseases that are just on the rise.


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Science is slowly getting to know what erectile dysfunction actually is. It's not a lack of sexual interest, nothing wrong with penile tissue. Erections are a vascular event. And erectile dysfunction is a weakness of vasodilation in the penile blood supply. Botox injections into the penis solve the problem elegantly. Muscles exposed to Botox can't contract. That makes for easy erections, and an enlarged penis at all times.


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