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Morocco, 2016

Morocco Witnesses Decline In Tolerance for Dissent Says Human Rights Watch


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Human Rights

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The world’s most notorious human rights organization Human Rights Watch said yesterday that Morocco witnessed a backdrop in “tolerance for dissident voices,” quoting from Human Rights Watch’s 2016 World Report.

Sarah Leah Whitson, Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa director said that “Morocco may not be rocked by turmoil and bloodshed like many countries of the Middle East, but neither is it the model of reform that it claims to be.”

Despite the backdrop of human rights, the leading organization said that there were some positive steps that were noticed,” including legal recognition, for the first time, of a Sahrawi human rights organization highly critical of Moroccan rule and provisional legal residency for foreigners that UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, had determined to be refugees. A new law took effect ending military trials for civilians, although it did not benefit prisoners already convicted by military tribunals.”

When it came to enlisting the abuses, Human Right Watch said that “defendants before civilian courts had no guarantees of a fair trial, however. The courts convicted people in trials that appeared to be politically motivated on the basis of statements prepared by the police while failing to investigate defendants’ claims that the police had extracted the statements by force or falsified them. People went to prison under laws criminalizing homosexuality and adultery.”

“Authorities blocked events organized by the outspoken Moroccan Human Rights Association (AMDH), filed charges against five activists for “harming internal security” after they organized a foreign-funded workshop on citizen journalism,” Human Rights Watch said.

The authorities systematically prohibited demonstrations by pro-independence activists in the Sahara, while “Royal pardons during the year included none of the many activists sentenced in past years in unfair trials,” the Human rights body stressed.

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US woman killed in Nepal

Morocco Witnesses Decline In Tolerance for Dissent Says Human Rights Watch

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Nepal, 2015

US woman killed in Nepal


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American woman

An American woman who reportedly arrived in Nepal to help the earthquake survivors has been murdered, police said.

Dahlia Yehia, a 25-year-old US citizen, had arrived in Kathmandu on 20 July – nearly three months after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed more than 8,500 people in Nepal. CNN reported that she came to Nepal to help the earthquake survivors.

But Yehia was beaten to death by a Nepali man whom she had met in Pokhara through a website, according to the Kaski police.

DSP Govinda Adhikari told Nepali Times that Narayan Poudel, a local teacher who hosted Yehia in Pokhara, admitted to killing her and throwing her body into the Seti river. But her body has not been found yet.

“Unless the dead body is recovered, we cannot be sure whether what he (Poudel) told us is true,” Adhikari said. “He also told us that he killed her for money, but we are still investigating into this case.”

After Yehia went missing, her family had contacted the US embassy in Kathmandu for help. The embassy had informed the Kaski police about the case on 28 August.

“We knew a lot about the case after arresting Poudel,” DSP Adhikari told Nepali Times. “But retrieving the body has been very difficult. The gorge of the Seti river is too deep and dangerous.”

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Australia Seize 18 life-like child sex dolls

Saudi Arabia executed 157 in 2015, sets record since 1995

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Government panel seeks to toughen penalties for rape in Japan

How To Calculate And Maximize Your Sexual Market Value

Eurycoma Longifolia extract supplement side effects benefits


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Eurycoma longifolia jack, also known as Malaysian ginseng or tongkat ali, is a therapeutic herb native to the Malaysian rain forests. Like many other exotic plants, tongkat ali is popular in traditional medicine. Its primary use has been to promote healthy libido and support normal hormone levels in males.

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