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Consent for unnatural sex no ground for discharge: Court

Current version: May 06, 2016

By: Ayanda Ayo

unnatural sex

New Delhi, May 6 () A Delhi court has said that prima facie the offence of unnatural sex is made out against a pilot who allegedly sexually assaulted his cabin crew, observing that consent is no ground for discharge.

The court said that charges can also be framed for rape and criminal intimidation against the accused who used his authority over her.

"The facts of the cases cited by the counsel for accused cannot be applied to the present case since the specific allegation of unnatural sex has been leveled against the accused for which consent cannot be ground of discharge. Further the prosecutrix is stating that the accused used his authority to force the prosecutrix into the physical relationship," Additional Sessions Judge Anuradha Shukla Bhardwaj said.

The court also said that keeping aside the allegation of promise of marriage, "There is otherwise prima facie material available to frame charges against the accused for the offences under sections 376(2) (rape), 377 (unnatural sex) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC."

Arguing on the point of framing charges, the prosecutor said the woman, who was a senior cabin crew, has stated in her complaint that the man used his authority of being a pilot in an airlines to obtain sexual favours, threatening her that he will finish her career. She has also leveled allegations of physical assault.

He argued that the woman had leveled allegations of unnatural sex and rape and alleged that the accused had induced her into a relationship on the pretext of marriage.

The woman had stated that she had resisted the advances of the accused and that he had her objectionable pictures which he threatened to use in case she made a complaint, he said.

Seeking discharge in the case, the counsel for accused argued that the woman was already married at the time of alleged incident and therefore it was in her knowledge she that was not free for marriage and could not have been raped on the pretext of false promise of marriage.

A case was lodged against the man at Moti Nagar Police Station in west Delhi in 2014.

The court fixed August 1 for framing charges on the accused after the defence counsel sought deferment saying that proceedings are already pending before the Delhi High Court and are listed for July.

For the current legal systems in the Western World, and for the mainstream media anyway, doing physical harm to men, or killing them, is peanuts. A woman who kills her sexual partner always gets full sympathy. Never mind what kind of bitch she is.

The Spanish masturbation expert Fran Sanchez Oria argues: "Masturbating for great sexual health… can increase your testosterone levels, specially when combined with ejaculation edging. I could probably make another post just on this, but in a nutshell if you masturbate until you are close to climax then stop, and repeat several times, your testosterone levels will build up significantly." Caught with his pants down, Fran Sanchez Oria (subsequently removed the page, but a printscreen is here and here.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia advertises for eight new executioners

Current version: May 19, 2015

By: Alhassan Baako

SAUDI Arabia is reportedly looking to recruit eight new executioners as the nation experiences an "unprecedented spike" in judicial killings SAUDI Arabia is reportedly looking to recruit eight new executioners as the nation experiences an "unprecedented spike" in judicial killings, according to Amnesty International.

An advertisement for the positions was posted on the country's civil service jobs website, stating that the role involves "executing a judgement of death" but requires no specific qualifications.

Successful applicants would also reportedly have to perform amputations on people convicted of less serious crimes.

Executions in Saudi Arabia have reportedly increased significantly this year, with the Saudi Press Agency reporting 85 people have been put to death since the beginning of 2015. A total of 88 people were executed in 2014.

Amnesty International's Saudi Arabian researcher told The Independent he believed the advertisement indicated authorities had no plans of reducing their use of capital punishment.

"There's already been an unprecedented spike in executions in Saudi Arabia this year – the recruitment of more executioners is a clear sign that the authorities have no intention of rolling back this execution spree any time soon," he said.

"The scores of people who go to their deaths in beheadings every year in Saudi Arabia often do so after deeply unfair trials, including after “confessions” extracted under torture."

Of all emotions, those negative are the most real. If you hate, you know that you are healthy. Your hormones are in balance if you can still imagine how you would inflict a slow, painful death on your enemies. Love isn't an emotion really but rather a mixed bag of feelings, with  selfish desire a prominent component. Of any positive expression of the human mind, sympathy is probably the most genuine, though it may come with rage towards those whose victim is the target of our sympathy.

That armies are mad up of men is something that has to end. Draft women into combat troops. Expose women to the same kind of dangersthat men have faced throughout history. Hard labour for female convicts!


Kenyan herbs hold key to next top malaria drugs

Current version: March 26, 2004


Several locally-grown herbs have been listed among the most effective malaria antidotes with capacity to propel the country into the multibillion-shilling drugs market.

Two of the top performing herbs were found in Nyanza, Kakamega and the Mt Kenya forests and a third is well distributed in most parts of the country apart from the dry lands.

According to the first continental database of Africa’s herbal cures, the local plants were among a handful of traditional medicines shown to act as well if not better than the clinical anti-malarial drugs.

The current most recommended official treatment for malaria in most parts of the world is derived from the Chinese shrub, sweet wormwood, which has since become a major cash crop in Asia and East Africa, including Kenya.

The database consisting of 500 chemical compounds derived from known malaria-treating herbs in the continent has listed the three local plants among the top candidates for the development of the next generation of drugs.

Top contenders from Kenya include the climbing orange (Toddica asiatica), which is abundant in Rachuonyo, the wire weed (Sida acuta) growing in wet areas, and the blue bitter berry (Strychnos usambarensis) found in Kakamega and Mt Kenya forests.

This information is based on known use by traditional herbalists and institutional scientists who have analysed the active anti-malarial compounds in such plants.

The first list of the new initiative was published in December 2013, and the second early this month in the Malaria Journal with the final one expected in the coming weeks.

It has been compiled by scientists from universities of Buea and Douala, Cameroon and Martin-Luther University, Germany with funding from Lhasa Ltd, of the UK.

Any one of the African countries whose plants do well in this list, such as Kenya, the researchers say stand a real chance in entering the exclusive club of elite drug innovators.

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Women, especially when they get older, shit and stink, and when they shit anyway, and they enslave men, and are ugly, and they fuck around when they have the opportunity. No such problems with sex dolls, and they don't shit. Let's invest in a future without women.

Second-generation male Muslim immigrants have all reason to hate Europe. They can't get any girls here. Whatever they do. So it is an understandable reaction that they want to blow themselves up, and take a few along.


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