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China 2015

Official shot having sex with two college girls


Huang Hanpu, office chief of the education bureau of Daxin county, Guangxi, has been accused of having sex with two college girls, the Beijing News reports on Thursday.

Video featuring him having intimate acts with two girls in a hotel room was provided to the Beijing News by the boyfriend of Xiaolin (alias), who appears in the video.

Xiaolin, 21, admitted that she is a sophomore at a local normal college and the other girl in the video is her classmate. She got acquainted with Huang through the social network Wechat.

"We have done that about five or six times. Each time he brought sister Han and several other men. He asked me to drink and gave me 1,000 yuan (158 USD) cash", said Xiaolin.

Huang, on the other hand, denied he had asked to have sex with the girls. He said he was blackmailed several times by Liang, boyfriend of Xiaolin, after the incident.

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One more arrested in Akhnoor sex scandal

Police hunting for 30 men accused of mass rape of Brazilian teenager

India 2016

One more arrested in Akhnoor sex scandal

JAMMU, Jan 19: A readymade garments shop owner has been arrested in a sex scandal, which was unearthed by a girl hailing from Akhnoor last month. As per police sources, on specific information, a team from Akhnoor police station conducted raid and arrested a readymade garments shop owner, whose name also surfaced in the sex scandal. The accused has been identified as Akhil Gupta of Akhnoor. With the arrest of this accused, the total arrest in the case reached to six. Further investigation into the case is going on and more arrests are likely to be made in near future.

As reported earlier, on December 10, police arrested five persons including utensil and mommo sellers for exploiting a minor girl of Pacca Danga, Akhnoor for sex. The arrests were made after a minor girl hailing from Akhnoor revealed the names of the persons, who sexually abused her. Police team led by SHO Akhnoor police station Inspector Pushpinder Singh made the arrest under the supervision of SDPO Akhnoor Naresh Singh, SP Rural Rajiv Pandey and SSP Jammu Uttam Chand.

Feminism in Europe makes second-generation male Muslim immigrants
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