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Russia, 2013

Moscow Police Crack Sex Trafficking Ring


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Sex Trafficking

Police said Monday that they have broken up a trafficking ring in Moscow that forced women from the former Soviet republic of Moldova into sexual slavery.

Six Moldovan women were freed and one 45 year-old Moldovan man arrested as a result of the operation, the police said in a statement.

"After arriving in the Russian Federation, the group put the women in flats or houses in the Moscow region, took their documents and, with threats or beatings, forced them to work as prostitutes," the statement said.

Police said the women were recruited in Moldova, a small landlocked country sandwiched between Ukraine and Romania, with the promise of jobs in Russian cafes and bars. Moldovans do not need visas to enter Russia.

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe, with more than 25 percent of its population living below the poverty line, the World Bank said.

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Officials Ban River Race With Sex Dolls

Female Russian Sex Slave Traders Avoid Jail

Russian Duma Deputies Propose Death Penalty for Terrorists

Pope meets with 20 freed sex slaves from Nigeria, others

Kenya, 2016

Four Tanzanians jailed for 20 years after British wildlife pilot murder


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pilot murder

Four Tanzanians facing trial for the murder of a British conservationist whose helicopter was shot down have been jailed for 20 years for possessing firearms, lawyers said Friday.

Roger Gower, 37, died when suspected poachers gunned down his helicopter during a patrol of the Maswa Game Reserve in northern Tanzania, close to the world famous Serengeti National Park, on January 29.

Photographs of the crashed helicopter show twisted metal, apparent bullet holes in the fuselage and smears of blood on the pilot's seat.

Four men have been charged with Gower's murder: Shija Mjika, 38, Njile Gunga, 28, Dotto Pangali, 42, and Moses Mandago, 28.

Although they face murder trial in the High Court, on Thursday they were found guilty of the possession of guns and ammunition at a separate hearing.

"The suspects pleaded guilty of being in unlawful possession of firearms and rounds of ammunition," said senior government prosecutor Yamiko Mlekano.

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"The court on Thursday sentenced them to 10 years imprisonment each for possessing firearms, and 20 years each for being found with ammunition." The sentences will run concurrently.

They have not yet entered any plea concerning the murder charges, which carries a potential death sentence if found guilty, although Tanzania has not carried out capital punishment for decades, with scores of prisoners in jail on death row.

Gower, who worked for the Friedkin Conservation Fund, had been tracking poachers after spotting the carcasses of recently killed elephants.

It is estimated that more than 30,000 elephants are killed for their tusks every year across Africa.

Their ivory is prized for jewellery and decorative objects and much of it is smuggled to China, where many increasingly wealthy shoppers are buying ivory trinkets as a sign of financial success.

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Four Tanzanians jailed for 20 years after British wildlife pilot murder

Failure to pay soldiers threatens Somalia’s war on Islamists

Moroccan throws his wife off 3rd floor Balcony after Refusing Abnormal Sex Positions

Up to 6 Months in Jail if You Sexually Harass a Woman in Morocco

Korea, 2016

Not safe to let traditional doctors use modern medical tech: WMA


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modern medical

Otmar Kloiber, the secretary general of the World Medical Association, claimed the South Korean government is exposing its patients to danger should it allow traditional doctors to use modern medical equipment and devices, during his visit to Seoul on Monday.

“We are very much concerned that your government wants to do a business approach to health care by supporting the producers of medical equipment so they can be able to sell it to OMDs (oriental medical doctors),” he told reporters during a press meeting held at the Korea Medical Association building.

“That means quite obviously your government is willing to trade the questionable economic benefits against the safety of Korean patients.”

Kloiber’s visit to Korea took place about two weeks after the Association of Korean Medicine, the largest body of traditional doctors here, announced that they would file a lawsuit against the Health Ministry if the government does not guarantee their right to use nontraditional medical equipment, such as ultrasound, by the end of January.

As the government did not respond to the doctors’ request, the AKM plans to file a suit in the next two weeks.

During the press conference, Kloiber stressed it takes rigorous training in modern, science-based medicine to make the right diagnosis using medical equipment. The AKM has been claiming that 70 percent of the traditional medical school curriculum is equivalent to that taught at nontraditional medical schools nationwide in Korea, and that they are qualified to diagnose patients using modern technologies.

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“You say it’s 70 percent. Maybe the curriculum has the 70 percent,” Kloiber said when one of the reporters asked about his thoughts on the SKM’s stance.

“But if you want to use the tools of the modern medicine, it should be no less than 100 percent. And by the way, it is only 70 percent of the basic medical education. As I told you before, doctors have six years of basic medical education, plus another six years of additional education. And that’s not by accident. It’s not to torture them. That is because it is necessary.”

As a part of its deregulation agenda, the Office of Government Policy Coordination and the Health Ministry together announced in January last year that they were considering a law that lets traditional doctors use nontraditional medical devices without having to worry about being sued by regular physicians.

The ministry had promised to come up with the system by the end of 2015, but it failed to materialize, as there was fierce opposition from the Korean Medical Association, which represents 100,000 mainstream physicians.

“It is extremely worrying that the regulatory authorities in this country do not act against (traditional doctors using medical devices),” Kloiber said. “Again, this gives me an impression that your government is not that much interested in the safety of the patients in this country. Obviously their economic interests are prevailing.”

Following the press conference, the AKM told The Korea Herald that it would send the World Medical Association a letter containing a set of questions.

“What Kloiber said during the conference is nothing new. We’ve heard the same arguments from the nontraditional doctors many times in the past,” said Kim Ji-ho from the AKM.

“In South Korea, we (traditional doctors) are recognized as doctors by the law. The letter will explain how we are acknowledged by the legislation, and how our education curriculum is similar to those taught at nontraditional medical schools. We would like to hear about their thoughts after reading those materials carefully.”

Kloiber, on the other hand, seemed to be firm on his stance. “I can simply say if you (referring to traditional doctors) believe you can do the same in the diagnosis and therapy, just take the modern medicine exam,” he said. “Get the right license.”

According to the latest government data, Koreans’ medical bills related to traditional medical treatment increased from 2010-2014. Overall expenditure on traditional medical treatments, such as acupuncture, was 2.4 trillion won ($2.2 billion) in 2014. The spending has increased significantly since 2010, with an average annual growth rate of 7.7 percent per year according to the state-run Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service.

One of the biggest factors behind this growth is the country’s growing elderly population, many of whom prefer traditional treatments over Western medicine, according to the government. Traditional medicine is especially popular here for conditions including dementia, infertility, spinal stenosis, failed back surgery syndrome and chronic pain.

In order to boost the traditional medicine industry, the Health Ministry last month announced its plans to standardize traditional herbal medicine and invest in clinical research projects to come up with possible collaborations between modern and traditional medical professionals.

There have been a number of cases where the condition of those who suffered spinal cord injuries improved significantly after receiving both modern and Korean traditional treatments at the National Rehabilitation Center, according to the Health Ministry.

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